Giovanni Rossi Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Born in Pisa 1856, died in Italy 1943; anarchist, veterinarian; joined the International Working Men's Association (IWMA) in 1873; contributed to local anarchist papers; advocated the creation of socialist communes; arrested in November 1878 charged with subversive activities, stayed in prison until July 1879; founded an agricultural cooperation in Citadella (Cremona) in 1887; left for Brasil in 1890 and founded there the experimental colony Cecilia, which lasted until 1894; directed agricultural stations; returned to Italy in 1907; was employed as a veterinarian and teacher; his publications include `Un comune socialista' 1876, translated and edited, together with other articles and letters from Rossi and others, by Alfred Sanftleben under the title `Utopie und Experiment' Zurich 1897.


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Material collected by Alfred Sanftleben in connection with the publication of `Utopie und Experiment'. Unpublished handwritten manuscript of `Socialismo Pratico' by G. Rossi; one letter from G. Rossi to Alfred Sanftleben 1896; copy of printed preface to `Utopie und Experiment' by A. Sanftleben; some press clippings.