Germany Periodical Collection (ID-Archiv)

Biographical / Historical Note

Started in the Federal Republic of Germany in the early 1970s as the archives of the Informationsdienst zur Verbreitung unterbliebener Nachrichten, aimed to gather and spread information which could not be found in the official media; during the 1980s housed in the Zentrum für alternative Medien Archiv für linke Zeitschriften und politische Gruppen; in 1988 transferred to Amsterdam and continued as Informationsdienst-Textarchiv or ID-Textarchiv


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The Germany Periodical Collection (ID-Archiv) is a collection of more than 1000 periodicals published in Germany from 1967 until 1996. These were published by social movements and organizations on many different subjects such as working conditions, labour relations and labour conflicts, politics, action committees, anti-fascist agitation, feminism, justice, police, armaments, culture and arts, music, ecology and environmental movement, education, immigrants to Germany. As well as the Squatters' movement, student movement / school newspapers, solidarity committees, political parties, gay / lesbian movement, prisoners including RAF members, urban renewal, anarchist movements, and also includes poetry.

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