African Countries Periodical Collection

Custodial History

Collected by the CSD. The Collectie Sociale Documentatie (Collection Social Documentation [CSD]) was part of the University Library Amsterdam from 1973 until 1990. It has since passed to the IISH.


The collection was largely unorganized, expect for some rudimentary alphabetization. Inconsistencies in dealing with non-sovereign entities, like the French overseas departments, have been resolved by including these as separate countries, to respect their difference / autonomy from the metropoles to which they are aligned, and their similarity to nearby (in)dependent states. It has now been subdivided by country and fully alphabetized, and a comprehensive list of “title; subtitle (year): no.” has been made. Like with the other CSD collections, duplicates of items already in the IISH catalogue have been removed, while additional nos. of periodicals already present at the IISH have been added there.


A small collection of 40 periodicals from countries on the African continent, including Algeria, Cameroon, Chad, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa 1958-1988. Most of the titles are either from revolutionary movements or cultural reviews, while a few deal with (opinionated) analysis of news or economic development.

Processing Information

List by Simon Huber, 2019