Portugal Periodical Collection

Custodial History

Collected by the CSD. The Collectie Sociale Documentatie (Collection Social Documentation [CSD]) was part of the University Library Amsterdam from 1973 until 1990. It has since passed to the IISH.


The Portuguese periodicals were already subdivided by initial letter of the title. However, they were not yet alphabetized and no list of titles was available. A full list with title, subtitle, year and number of each periodical has been made. Additionally, mistakes in alphabetization or incorrect attributions to Portugal have been corrected. Duplicates of items already in the IISH catalogue have been removed, while additional nos. of periodicals already present at the IISH have been added there.


This is a rather small collection of periodicals, consisting of ca. 80 Portuguese periodical from the period 1973-1994. Most are (local) anarchist or communist publications aimed at agitation or theoretical information, with a lot of information on local struggles (strikes and other forms of direct action). Smaller numbers of publications provide information on ex-colonies or other forms of international solidarity, green and anti-nuclear movements, (new) art and comics, and regionalist movements. Nearly all are dated post-revolution (1974).

Processing Information

List by Simon Huber, 2019