Germany Periodical Collection

Custodial History

Collected by the CSD. The Collectie Sociale Documentatie (Collection Social Documentation [CSD]) was part of the University Library Amsterdam from 1973 until 1990. It has since passed to the IISH.


Acquired by CSD 1990


The German periodicals were already alphabetized and subdivided by initial letter of the title. A rudimentary but complete list of the titles of the periodicals was already available. This list has been expanded to increase findability of the periodicals in the collection. Additionally, mistakes in alphabetization or incorrect attributions to Germany have been corrected. Duplicates of items already in the IISH catalogue have been removed, while additional nos. of periodicals already present at the IISH have been added there.


The collection consists of generally single issues of approximately 250 titles from the period 1963 to 2003. The majority is from the seventies. Most are from the BRD, although a few are from the DDR. There is not one theme that dominates these serials. There are smaller sections dedicated to the punk movement, i.e. fanzines, migrant issues and solidarity movements with resistance movements in countries of origin, student publications, smaller local publications originating mostly from the squatting movement, others dealing with the Berufsverboten (occupational bans) resulting from the Anti-Radical Decree and some West-German communist, trade union and evangelical publications.

Processing Information

List by Simon Huber, 2018