Southeast Asian Independent Youth Culture Collection


This collection was brought together by Eef Vermeij during his trips in Southeast Asia. Part of the collection was a donation by the Nepalese anarcho-punk band Rai Ko Ris. For the selection of music I was helped by Joe Kidd and Norr Yaacob from the Ricecooker Infoshop, Malaysia.


Collection of zines and some related materials and also CDs/cassettes on independent youth culture (mostly music) and from indy music groups in Southeast Asia, Japan and Nepal), collected along my travels in the region next to my regular work.

Note from the collector: I'm very much aware of the fact that this constitutes a very small collection, and one very much limited in time. But together with the other collections we have on this subject in IISH, we still think it's worth keeping.

Processing Information

List made in 2018.