United States of America Social and Political Developments Collection

What Joe Barker thought of the Southern Statesmen when he lived near them! (1857)
Reprints from “The Progressive” (1950-1951)
US-Franco pact signed!
America First Committee
Impeachment Richard Nixon
A skeleton key to the Gemstone file
Socialist Parties in the United States by Morgan Phillips (1948)
Trial of the Twelve (communist leaders) (1949)
Unity Question Reviewed
Leaflet concerning McCarthy
Anti-Republicans (ca. 1949)
American Civil Liberties Union
American Commonwealth Federation
American Labor Party
Americans for Democratic Action
Black Nationalist
Bund der Radicalen
CIO Political Action Committee
Committee Against Summit Entanglements
Committee for Free Political Advocacy
Committee for the Defense of Civil Rights
Committee for the Formation of a New Party
Committee on Anti-Communist Action
Common Council for American Unity
Committee for Constitutional Government
Council Against Communist Aggression
Democracy Unlimited
Farmer-Labor Political Federation
Freedom against Itself
Freedom & Union
Freedom House
Freedom Now Party
Labor's Non-partisan League
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
League for Industrial Democracy
Libertarian Party, incl. Harleian Miscellany Club
Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM)
National Popular Government League
National Socialist White People's Party
New York City Spartacist League
Patrick Henry Group
People for the American Way
Platform for Patriotic Americans
President’s people-to-people Program
Revolutionary Workers League
Social Democratic Federation
Socialist Working Party Minority
Spartacist League
United Americans
Altman Group (Jack Altman cs.)
Black Panther Party
Clarity Group
Communist League of America
Communist League of Struggle (Internationalist-Communist)
Communist Party
Green Party of New Jersey
Group of Revolutionary Marxists
League for the Revolutionary Party (LRP)
Liberal Party
Progressive Labor
Republican National Committee
Socialist Party USA
Social Democratic Party
Socialist Appeal Association
Socialist Labor Party (SLP)
Socialist Workers Party
World Socialist Party of the United States
Don’t vote it only encourages them
Workingmen, don’t vote! (1912)
Presidential election (1960)
Hubert Humphrey (1964)
Barry Goldwater (1964)
Lyndon B. Johnson (ca. 1965)
Anti-Elections (1968)
Citizen's Committee for Ferguson
National Wallace for President Committee
Money Paradox (1877)
National Agreement for joint action between farmers and labor (1937)
National Policy Committee considering relief (1938)
Statement for the Senate Committee on Atomic Energy (1945-1946)
Statements concerning the hearing on the social and economic implications of Automatic (1955)
Political helplessness of business hurts everybody (1956)
USA: a Changing Reality (1977)
Actions against WTO, Seattle (1999)
Jubilee 2000/USA campaign
Action US Social Forum (2007)
Against Bush tax cut
Point Four
Economic Research and Action Project
Campaign for World Economic Cooperation
Anti-Inflation Vacations by Iberia
Publications on Single Tax
Nation's Soil and Human Recources and American Social Security
Association for Community Co-operation
Bank Information Center (BIC)
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Congress of Industrial Organizations
Department of the Interior United States Housing Authority
EPIC Movement (End Poverty in California)
Foundation for Economic Education
Free-Economy Association
Henry George Free Tract Society
League for Economic Democracy
League for Industrial Democracy
Llano Co-op
National Committee Against Repressive Legislation (NCARL)
Midwest Boycott Center
Southern States Industrial Council
Taxpayers Liberation Front
United States Department of Agriculture
United States Housing Authority
University of Economics Foundation
Wisconsin Council of Agriculture
Rules & Regulations to be observed by all persons employed in the factory of Amasa Whitney (1830)
Labor Legislation (1908)
Business looks ahead to fair employment practices
85000 Victims of Progess by Harold J. Ruttenberg (1938)
Collective bargaining agreement between the Boeing Company and International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (1965)
Death of Buffalo Creek (1972)
Abolish the Wage-Labor System (1976)
First May 1976, 1977, 1997, 2000, 2001
Workingmen attention meeting
Poor hungry? Eat the rich
Take back your time day
African-American Labor Center
Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC)
National Committee for Full Employment
Office of Labor Affairs
Work & Pay
Orden Germania (New York)
Social Security Board
Debate on Trade Unionism (1900)
Administration. An appeal to organized labor and for the Union of all Political and Economic Factions upon an Industrial Basis (1904)
Atlantic Coast Migration of Agricultural Workers (1949)
Conference of Black Trade Unionists (1970)
Prospectus for a comparative study of the contemporary labor movement and the status of the individual worker by Walter Galenson
Jewish Labor Committee's Fourth National Trade Union Conference
Case of Organized Labor against Gasper Grisworld Bacon
Other documents
American Federation of Labor Platform
Chicago Federation of Labor
General Defense Committee
International Labour Defense
International Solidarity Committee
Internationale Arbeiter-Assoziation / Der Internationale Sozialisten-Kongress
National Labor Service
National Labor Service – Institute of Human Relations
AFL-CIO American Federationist
Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU)
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America
American Federation of Hosiery Workers
American Flint Glass Workers Union AFL-CIO
American Servicemen's Union
American Teachers Association (ATA)
Asociación Continental Americana de los Trabjadores
Associated Committees for the Workers Rights Amendment
Associated Musicians of Greater New York
Associated Silk Workers
Association for Union Democracy
Association Internationale des Travailleurs (AIT)
American Federation of Labor (AFL)
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organisations (AFL-CIO)
Congress of Industrial Organisations (CIO)
Central Federated Union
Diamond Workers Protective Union of America
Dressmakers Union Local 22
Farmers’ Educational and Cooperative Union of America
International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union (ILGWU)
International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union (ILWU)
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers
International Woodworkers of America (IWA)
Italian Chamber of Labor of New York
Jewish Labor Committee (JLC)
Jewish Labor Bund
Marine Firemen's Union
Marine Transport Workers
National Farmers' Union
National Federation of Social Service Employees
National Lawyers Guild
Retail, Wholesale & Department Store Union (RWDSU)
Socialist Trade & Labor Alliance of the United States and Canada
Textile Workers Union of America
United Automobile Workers (UAW)
United Automobile Workers – Committee for Industrial Organisation (UAW-CIO)
United Hatters, Cap and Millinery Workers’ International Union
United Mine Workers
United Rubber Workers Union (URW)
Weavers Union of West Hoboken (Italian Branch)
Workers Solidarity Alliance – International Workers Association (WSA-IWA)
Working Class for Industrial Freedom
City Sanitation Workers’ strike, Memphis 1968
Strike in New York (1969)
Coal Strike (1971)
Bell Wringer Strike (1989)
Eastern Airlines, Minneapolis 1990
Borders Bookshop, Philadelphia 1996
Taco Bell, Immokalee 2001
Continental Building Maintenance, San Jose 2003
Boycot Shell
Telephone Workers Strike
Black Workers Set Against White - Strike Broken
Strike against the Imperialist State of the Multi-Nationals
Telephone Workers Strike
Citizens Committee to Support the GE Strikers
Escada Workers' Strike Committee
Kentucky Miners Defense Committee
Little Falls Defence Committee
Chicago Martyrs (1887)
Ai compagni non alle oche (leaflet against Luigi Galleani by Italian immigrants in Barre, Vermont 13 December 1909)
First International Symposium on Anarchism 1928 (Sic)
Anarchist publications (1974-1976)
First International Symposium on Anarchy (1980)
Call for an International Humor Movement, 1980 (Anarchism)
Haymarket Centennial (1986)
Remembrance of the Anarchist Alexander Berkman (1992)
Infoshop for activists and anti-authoritarians (1993)
ABC Conference (1994)
Matches and Mayhem (2002)
Anchorage Anarchy (2005)
Anarchist Black Dragon
Ecology and revolutionary thought by Lewis Thought
An exemplativist Manifesto
Plan for Anarchy by Gregory Smutko, Pastor of the Cathedral, Bluefields
'That is not death which can be eternal lie' (by the mad Arab Abdul Alhazrad)
Alliance of Libertarian Activists
Anarchist Association of the Americas (AAOTA)
Autonomous Zone
Bay Are Research Collective (BARC)
Black Flag Anarchists
Black Liberation Army
Black Mask
Black Rose Collective
Bound Together
Bureau of Public Secrets
Campaign for World Government
Committee for a World Constitutional Convention
Committee on World Friendship Among Children
Council of the Eruption of the Marvelous (CEM)
Freedom Brotherhood
George Jackson Brigade
Homeland Resistance Forces
Individual Society for Individual Liberty
International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL)
Knoxville Anarchist Black Cross (Knoxville ABC)
Labor Militant
Libertarian Workers Group
Lista Negra
Long Hall
National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC)
New World Liberation Front
Population Council
Radical Anarchist Coalition
Radical Autonomy
Ray O. Light
Red Guerrilla Family (RGF)
Redwing Workers Organisation
Resurgence Youth Movement
Seattle Group
Social Revolutionary Anarchist Federation (SRAF)
Society for Individual Liberty (SIL)
Student Libertarian Alliance
United World Federalists
United World Service Authority
Universal Fellowship Institute (UFI)
Woodstock Anarchist Party
Workers World Party
World Committee for a World Constitutional Convention
World Friendship
Environmental Teach-in (1972)
Earthdance 2001
Earth Day 2001
Coalition for Direct Action at Seabrook
Coalition for a Non-nuclear World
Dead Serious
Earth Action Network
Earth First!
Friends Nuclear Hazards Resource Information Center
Institute for Social Ecology
National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy
Natural Life Styles
Protect Kaho’olawe ‘Ohana
Lesbianism & feminism, synonyms or contradictions?
Come-out is dead
Proposition E = Evict LGBT
18th Lesbian and Gay Freedom Day Parade and Clebration (1987)
California Domestic Partners Project
Flaming Faggots
Gay Activists Alliance
Gay Liberation Front of New York
Gay Workers Party
Frontlash '70
The New Student Left: Movement Represents Serious Activists in Drive for Changes
Bay Area Revolutionary Union
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
International Students Exchange
National Youth Administration
National Social Welfare Assembly – Youth Division
Northern Student Movement (NSM)
Progressive Youth Organizing Committee (PYOC)
Southern Student Organizing Committee
Student Voice
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
Students for Alternative Politics (SAP)
Upset the Setup
Young Peoples Socialist League
Young Farmers' Clubs
youth Committee for Democracy
Actions against war (1921, 1928, 1941-1945)
The Effects of Military Drill on Boys (by Dudley A. Sargent)
Collapse and reconstruction in Europe (by Frederic C. Howe)
The Kellogg Treaty
When a Soldier Meets God
To End War, Restore Mankind's God-Given Freedom
Suggestions to Volunteer Peace Workers
700 War Objectors are still in American Prisons
Military Training in the Schools is Building the Emotions That Help Keep War Alive! (c.1930)
Christianity and war by Anna Hamilton
G.I. Joe’s a Red by Dennis Davis
Say your peace on Tax Day
Senator Johnson and Article X
The Oath at the Elbe
Nuclear Weapons in New York City
A new system .. to eliminate war!
Sample copy 'Special Form for Conscienctious Objector'
Fifth National conference on Cause and Cure of War (1930)
What Has Labor to Gain From Militarism? (1930)
Peace Symbols by Zonia Baber (1937)
Peace action for Franklin County (1939)
Price of Free World Victory by Henry A. Wallace (1942)
Responsibility of Peoples by Bwight Macdonald (1944?)
Peace-Loving Peoples (by Scott Nearing, c.1946)
New Perspectives on Peace and World Development (annual working conference, 1956)
War and peace and the problem of Berlin (1961)
Actions against Honeywell (1972)
9-11 aftermath
Leaflets against the war in Iraq (2002-2003)
Actions against arms trade
Actions against nuclear power
Anti War Tax
Other documents
Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER)
Albert Einstein Institute
America First Committee
American Deserters Committee
American League for Peace and Democracy
American Peace Award
American Peace Society
American Rally
American Servicemen’s Union
Americans for Peace
Association to Abolish War
Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation
CAIP Student Peace Federations
Campus committee against Conscription
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO)
Christian Youth Conference on War
Civil Defense Protest Committee
Committee for Non-violent Action
Committee for Peaceful Alternatives
Committee for World Development and World Disarmement
Committee of 100
Committee on the Judiciary
Committee on Militarism in Education
Committee to Oppose Conscription of Women
Commission to Study the Organisation of Peace
Consultative Peace Council
Continental Walk for Disarmament and Social Justice
Defense Committee
Emergency Peace Committee
Emergency Peace Campaign
Fellowship of Youth for Peace
Freedom & Peace Party
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Friends Peace Committee
Friends Social Order Committee
General Strike for Peace New York Committee
Grad Students to end the War
Green International – Grüne Internationale
International Committee for World Peace Prize Award
International Peace Garden
Joe Hill House for Hospitality for Transients
Keep America out of War Committee – Keep America out of War Congress
Labor Anti-War Council
League for Permanent Peace
League of Nations Non-Partisan Association
Libertarian Action for Peace and Freedom (LAPF)
Liberty Bread Shop
Lutheran Peace Fellowship
Mennonite Central Committee
Ministers'No War Committee
Mobilisation to Bring the Troops Home Now
Mobilization for Survival
National Mobilization Committee
National Committee on the Cause and Cure of War
National Council for Conscientious Objectors
National Council for Prevention of War
National Council for Reduction of Armaments
National Council for the Prevention of War
National Peace Action Coalition
National Peace Conference
National Petition Committee
New York Anti-Draft Union
New York Peace Society
New York State Commitee for Conscientious Objectors
New York Committee for the General Strike for Peace
New York Committee on the Cause and Cure of War
New York State Peace Council
Non-Violent Action Against Nuclear Weapons
Northern California Service Board for Concientious Objectors
Northern Friends Peace Board
No Business as Usual National Office (NBAU)
Oakland Seven
Parade Recruiting Headquaters
Paris American Committee to Stopwar (PACS)
Patriots against Registration and the Draft (PARD)
Peace Builders (later SERVAS)
Peace Commission of the Inter-Church Council of Students of the University of California
Peace Council of Petersburg
Peace Now Movement
Peace Society of the City of New York
Peace Symbol Movement
Pennsylvania Committee for Total Disarmement
People Against Foreign Wars
People's Coalition for Peace and Justice
People's Council of America
People’s Lobby
Peoples Peace Treaty
Philadelphia Youth Council to Oppose Conscription
Point Blank
Political Action for Peace
Post War World Council
Prisoners of War Offense / Defence
Promoting Enduring Peace
Research Exchange on the Prevention of War
Resisters Inside the Army (RITA)
Revolutionary Pacifism / Non-Violent Resistance
Safe Return Amnesty Committee
Sidney Hillman Foundation
Sobell Committee
Society for the Prevention of World War III / American Veterans Committee (AVC)
Society for Social Responsability in Science
Society of Brothers
Stop the Bombs
Stop the War Brigade
Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (SMC)
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
Student Peace Union
Students and Youth for a Peoples' Peace
U.S. Committee against Militarization
United Peace Chest Campaign
United Student Peace Committee
Veterans for Peace (VSA/VFP)
Voters for Peaceful Alternatives
War Resisters League
War / Peace Report
War Resisters' International
War Tax Resistance
Washington Pacifist Fellowship
Women in Unity against War / Women in Black
Women Strike for Peace
Women's Action Committee for Lasting Peace
Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), Department of International Relations for Peace
Woman’s Peace Party
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Women’s Peace Union
World Alliance for International Friendship trough the Churches – International Goodwill Congress
World Peace Postage Association
World Peaceways
Writer’s Anti-War Bureau
Young Friends Committee for Peace
Youth Committee Against War
Youth Against War & Fascisme
Youth Committee for Peace and Democracy in the Middle East
Communes (1971)
Procession to save our gardens
Save our houses
Nisqually Indian fishermen
American Indian Movement (AIM)
Committee on Civil Rights in Manhattan (CCRM)
Committee for Traditional Indian Land and Life (TECHQUA – IKACHI)
Eagle Bay – Ganienkeh Camp Project
Farm worker Support Committee (FMSC)
Historical Society of York County
Housing Solidarity Movement
Indian Encampment
Indian Identity Class – Friends of Malatesta
National Sharecroppers Fund, Inc.
Pit River Indian Council
Rural Advancement Fund of the National Sharecroppers Fund
Survival of American Indians Association
Trial of Broken Treaties
United Indians of All Tribes
US Department of Agriculture
Wounded Knee
Mothers’ day (1950)
The feminist connection
Abortion law repeal
The hard and the sofá
Fourth World Manifesto
Female Liberation Conference (1969)
Women's Liberation (1970)
Center for Women’s Studies and Services (CWSS)
Community Press
The Feminists
Feminist Sexuality Project
Internacional Socialist Woman’s Bureau
Know Inc.
Women's Control Unit of Lexington Prison
Labor Movement
New England Free Press
Radical Women
Third World Women's Alliance
Wages for Housework
Women's Caucus of Youth Against War & Fascism (YAWF)
Women's Party
World Organization of Mothers of all Nations (WOMAN)
Press clippings concerning on captain Henry Wirz by Louis Schade (with enveloppe with his name) (1867)
Old Ossawattomie Brown (leaflet written by John Swinton, 1881)
Numero Unico. A la Memoria de Pedero Esteve. Tampa, FLA, Septiembre 14 de 1926.
Documents on Sacco and Vanzetti (1927)
Prison strike at Danbury (George Albin Mathurin, 1943)
Actions against racism and discrimination, for racial intergration (1943, 1958-1959, 1972)
McCarran Immigration Law (1952)
Youth March for Intergrated Schools (1959)
Actions against death penalty
Terror Down South by George Meyers (1966)
Prisoners (1972-1981)
Demonstration against neo-Nazis (1980)
Solidarity actions for (political) prisoners (1999 and n.d.)
Americans struggling for racial justice
Brothers, sisters, friends … and I see some enemies (by Malcolm X?)
Solidarity with prosecuted dissidents (Fred and Marie Rees Haug, Peggy Wellman)
A. Philip Randolph Institute
Ad Hoc Committee on the Human Rights and Genocide Treaties
American Association for the United Nations
American Civil Liberties Union
American Federation of Jews from Central Europe
American Fund (for refugees)
American League for Peace and Democracy
Amnesty International USA
Angela Davis Defence Comittee
Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith
Black Vote Registration
Community Relations Service
Civil Rights Congress
Committee for the Defense of Philip Bentley Brooks
Committee to Free Eddie Sanchez
Committee to Secure Justice for Morton Sobell
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
Defense Committee for the Prisoners of Texas
Du Bois Centennial
Everett Prisoners' Defense Committee
Foundation for Change
Freedom House
Fund for the Republic
Gus Hall-Benjamin J. Davis Defense Committee
Hospitalized Veterans Service
International Committee to Defend Political Prisoners (US)
International Solidarity Committee
Jewish Labour Committee
John Brown Anti-Klan Committee
Kamalla Miller Support
Left Bank Collective
Los Angeles Committee for Defense of the Bill of Rights
Los Angeles Committee for Protection of Foreign Born
Martin Sostre Defence Committee
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
National Assembly for Democratic Rights
National Committee for Defense of Jo Anne Chesimard and Clark Squire
National Committee to Support the Marion Brothers
National Refugee Service
National United Committees to Free Angela Davies
New York State Committee on Discrimination in Housing
Pablo Ramirez Lopez Defence Committee
People’s Movement for Human Rights Education (PMHRE)
Politicak Prisoners Defense & Relief Committee
Prison Comfort Club
Prison Posters Project (PPP)
Rita D. Brown Defense Committee
Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee
Sacco-Vanzetti New Trial League
Saint Paul Council of Human Relations
Sam Melvill - Jonathan Jackson Unit
Scottsboro Defense Committee
Smith Act Families Committee
Sobell Commitee
Sociedad de Torcedores de Tampa (Ybor City, Florida)
Soledad Defence Fund
Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF)
Tom Mooney Molders' Defense Committee
Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing (TCASK)
United Service for New Americans
Vanderbilt Prison Project
World Population Emergency Campaign

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 7.1 Solidarity organizations for individual countries (1890-2003)

NB. Includes exile groups. ‘General’ contains documents not published by a specific organization. If available titles and subjects are mentioned.

AFRICA (1965-1987):
American-African Affairs Association
American Committee on Africa
Burning Spear
Revolution in Africa Action Committee
Washington Office on Africa
American Friends Service Committee
Tshombe Emergency Committee
South Africa:
Jewish community in South Africa (magazines by Fritz Flesch, 1974)
Jews and South African Apartheid (1957-1965)
Boycott Shell
American Committee on Africa
Chicago Committee in Solidarity with Southern Africa (CCISSA)
Eritreans for Liberation in North America
AMERICAS (1973 – 2000):
NB. ‘General’ contains documents not published by a specific organization. If available titles and subjects are mentioned.
Latin America:
One struggle many fronts
The minimanual of the urban guerrilla by Carlos Marighella
Join the procession of dance & music for peace in Central America & the US
Women as a social force in Latin America
Central American Historical Institute
Coalition for Central America
Comité de Trabajadores y Estudiantes Centroamericanos
Committee to Oppose U.S. Intervention in the Caribbean and Central America Información Latinoamericana
North America Congress on Latin America (NACLA)
October 25th Coalition
Letelier-Moffitt Memorial Fund for Human Rights
Fourth International
Comité Colombia Illinois
Rainforest Action Network
Cuba :
Cuba solidarity Campaign (1998)
Cuban Libertarian Group of New York
Fair Play For Cuba Committee
Frente Obrero Revolucionario Democratico Cubano (FORDC)
Movimiento Libertario Cubano in Exilio (MLCE)
Progressive Youth Organizing Committee
Vinceremos Brigade
Movimiento Socialista Ecuatoriano
El Salvador:
Romero memorial
Center for Constitutional Rights
Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)
Comité de Salvadoreños Progresistas
Denver El Salvador Refugee Coalition
El Salvador Human Rights Commission
Pikes Peak Justice & Peace Commission
Green beret predicts US intervention in Guatemala by Allan Nairn (1982)
Guatemala update (1981)
Human Right sin Guatemala (1981)
Guatemala News and Information Bureau (GNIB)
National Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala
Committee for Democracy and Majority Rule in Guyana
El Drama de Haiti
Haiti Action committee
Haitian Information Bureau
Komite Ayiti Nouvèl
Sidelight son Mexico
Regeneracion, Free Press Service (1912)
Strike Wave Sweeps Mexico (1935)
Mexican Liberal Party
Father Jose Ala speaking about funding the contras
Nicaragua a white paper report (1986)
All-America Anti-imperialist League
Architects and Planners in Support of Nicaragua (APSNICA)
Emergency Committee on United States Policy in Nicaragua
Frente Amplio Anti-Somocista (FAAS)
Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLS)
Moreno Truth Kit
Quest for Peace
U.S.-Nicaragua Sister Cities Conference
Puerto Rico:
El Retorno Del Patriota by Oscar Collazo
Dia Nacional de Solidaridad con Puerto Rico
Documents concerning prisoners of war (1984-1988)
Federation of Puerto Rican Workers
ProLibertad Freedom Campaign
Puerto Rican Revolutionary Workers Organization
Ruth Reynolds Defense Committee
Vieques Support Campaign
Young Lords Organization
ASIA (1960-2003):
NB. ‘General’ contains documents not published by a specific organization. If available titles and subjects are mentioned.
China (1938-1995):
Anti-China leaflets
Four Against Red China Lobby
American Committee for non-participation in Japanese Agression
American Emergency Committee for Tibetan Refugees
China Refugee Fund
China Study Group
Chinese Students' Christian Association
Committee of One Million Against the Admission of Communist China to the United Nations
India (1943-1945):
India League of America
Indonesia (2001):
Indonesia Human rights Network
Japan (1982):
Exhibit on the Japanese-American Soldier in World War II (1982)
Myanmar (1987-1999):
American Medical Center for Burma
Asian Human Rights Commission
Burma Image
Burma Studies Foundation
Center for Burma Studies
Free Burma Coalition
International Ministeries
International Rivers Network
Project Maje
Korea, North and South :
Plain facts about American policy
John Juhn, David Hyun and Diamond Kimm (1945, 1956, 1958)
Korean American Association
Nodutdol for Korean Community Development
Vietnam (1965-1978):
Actions against the Vietnam War
Joint treaty of peace between the people of the US and the people of South Vietnam and North Vietnam (1971)
Lettre ouverte au peuple americain (by Richard A. Falk)
Against war in Indochina
Leaflets of consciensious objectors against the war in Vietnam (n.d.)
Alternative publications
Badge for Peace
Ad Hoc Committee of Veterans for Peace in Vietnam
Ad Hoc Universities Committee for the Statement on Vietnam
American Friends Service Committee
American Friends of Vietnam
American Serb Committee
Another Mother for Peace
Asian War Bulletin
Clergymen's Emergency Committee for Vietnam
Coalition for an Anti-Imperialist Movement
Committee to End the War in Vietnam
Indochina Peace Campaign Center (IPC)
International Committee of Conscience on Vietnam
Lawyers' Comittee on American Policy Toward Vietnam
Medical Aid Committee for Vietnam
National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy
National Coordination Committee to End the War in Vietnam
National Vietnam Campaign Committee
Promoting Enduring Peace
Student Mobilization Committee to end the War in Vietnam
Turn Towards Peace
US Committee to Aid the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam
Veterans for Peace in Vietnam
Veterans Stars & Stripes for Peace
Vietnam Day Committee
Vietnam Peace Parade Committee
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Vietnamese-American Association
Women Strike for Peace
EUROPE (1897-1996):
NB. ‘General’ contains documents not published by a specific organization. If available titles and subjects are mentioned.
Valley of the Dead (Balkan Archive multimedia database) (1996)
Typescript on the death of Helene Bauer in Berkley (1942)
Austro-American Youth
Friends of Austrian Labour
Friends Releif Mission
Czechoslovakia (former):
council of Free Czechoslovakia (Washington)
Czechoslovak Free Trade Union Federation / Úsředí Svobodných Československých Odburu (New York)
Slovak Liberation Committee
Document written by Václav Majer (Washington, 1951)
National America Denmark Assocation
Per la difesa della pace e della giustizia gli Stati Unitit d'America
Documents allied forces, office of war information
Document concerning the situation in the Saar (1945)
American Association for a Democratic Germany
Arbeiter-Wohlfahrt (SPD) (New York)
Committee for Relief of Victims of Persecution in Europe
Committee for Return of Confiscated German and Japanese Property
Deutsches Komitee Sozialistische Arbeiter Partei von America (New York)
German-American League for Culture (New York)
Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights (New York)
US Committee for Democracy in Greece
The Italian Revolution
Pinelli Assassinato
Report on Italy by George Baldanzi
Lithuania :
Lituanian American Catholic Congress
Lithuanian-American Council
Lithuanian American Information Center
Poland in the war, speech of Hon. James M. Mead (1943)
We all live in Poland (1980)
American Friends of polish Democracy
Poland Fights
Polish Research and Information Service
Portugal Information Center
Portuguese-American Committee on Foreign Affairs
Portuguese Group of Democrats in Britain
Spain :
Alianza Obrera Española
Comité Antifascista Españo
Grupo Ácrata Quijotes del Ideal
Illinois Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion
Izar Beltza (Talde Anarkista)
Grupo Jovenes Anarquistas
Madison Committee for a Democratic Spain
Michigan Anarchist Black Cross
North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy
Spanish child Welfare Association
Spanish Civil War Historical Society
Spanish Refugee Aid
United Libertarian Organisations
Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade (VALB)
Volunteers in Spain
Switzerland faces an issue (1948)
Friends of Armenia (Boston)
United Kingdom and Northern Ireland:
Stop the hangings
USSR (former) (1890:
NB.Includes also documents on Russia before 1922.
The secret government of the Soviet Union
60th anniversary of the Russian Revolution
The truth about jews in the Soviet Union
Rossii', with text written by John Reed, published by Russian socialist organization (Chicago, c.1917)
Russian leaflet 'Prava o Justice to Russia (1919)
Protest meeting against Bolshevik government (1928)
Russian typescript by Boris Dvinov on liberation movement in Europa (1948)
Russian typescript of the League of the People's Liberation of Russia (?) (1950)
Protest against military intervention in Russia
Anti-Communism leaflets
Let's Look at Russia Honestly by Hon. Michael A. Feighan (1955)
Rossijkoe Narodnae Dviženie (n.d.)
Russian publication by M. Skorsdumov (n.d.)
Leaflets of Russians in exile (n.d.)
American Committee for the Defense of Leon Trotsky
American Committee for Liberalisation, Inc.
American Jewish Conference on Soviet Jewry
Hollywoord Anti-Nazi League for the Defense of American Democracy
Reichstag Trial Defence and German Delegation Committee
Russian-American National League
Russian Anti-communist Group "Orvig" (North-American Branch)
Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDRP)
Ukrainian Liberation Front
United Russian-American Association
United States Siberian Exile Humane Society
Yugoslavia (former):
Leaflet of a group of Montenegrins in the USA to Edward A. Fitzroy (British House of Commons) concerning the situation in Montenegro (1929)
Macedonian Patriotic Organization
MIDDLE EAST (1998-2002):
Committee on New Alternatives in the Middle East
New Jersey Solidarity
Northern California Middle East Peace Coalition
3 Months in Iran (Laura Brown's visit to Iran in support of the Iranian revolution, 1980)
Caravan of East and West
Committee for Artistic and Intellectual Freedom in Iran
Forum on the Gulf War of the League for the Revolutionary Party
Movement of Defending Iraqi People
Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group
Israel and the occupied territories (1947-):
Protest Truman betrayal of the Jews in Palestine (demonstration)
Arabs and Jews in two wars
Americans for a Progressive Israel
Jewish Voice for Peace
New England Committee to Defend Palestine
Rutgers Association for Middle East Justice
White Collar Workshops (1950)
Boycot New Year’s 2000
People’s art workshop
Other documents
American Labor Education Service
Boys' Clubs of America
Bullet Space
Center for the Study of Political Graphics
Esperanto-League for North America
International Surrealist Movement
Kress Library of Business and Economics
Labor's League for Political Education
New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Re-Invention of Everyday Life
Surrealist Group
Surrealist Insurrection
Surrealist Movement in the United States
United Workers' Sunday Schools
Workers Educational Bureau of America
Peace Plays (1937)
AFL-CIO song book
IWW Songs
Sing while you fight for a fuller life with local 65
Sing America
The ACTWO song book
Brookwood Chautauqia songs
Red song book
Songs for a social revolution
Sing a labour song
District 65 song book
Five ballads of the almanac singers
Continental Congress songs
LID songs (League for Industrial Democracy)
Hobo songs poems ballads recitations etc.
I’m labor
New York City Opera Orchestra
Chicago Blues Center
Leaflet concerning the Russian Symphony Orchestra, New York, Carnegie Hall, 27 March 1919
Leaflets written by Upton Sinclair (1926-1932)
Second Conference on the Teaching of History with a View to International Understanding 1926
Teaching is my job (1944)
The current attacks on public education
Status of religious education in the public schools (1949)
Discussionpaper on whether intelligence is inherited or acquired
School elections
Attack on school system
Strike at Harvard (1967-1969)
School section of the New York Times (1975)
American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS)
American Labor Archive and Research Institute (ALARI)
American Labor Education Service
Center for Libertarian Studies
Central YMCA College
Committee on Political Education Project (AFL-CIO)(COPE)
Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)
Freespace Alternate U
Henry George School of Social Science
Hillhouse High School
Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH)
Highlander Folk School
Institute of Industrial Relations University of California
Institute of International Relations
Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations
International Workers School (Chicago)
Jefferson School of Social Science
Labor Action School
National Commission for the Defense of Democracy through Education
National Liberal League
Native American Free University
New York Marxist School
New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Radical Education Project
Rand School of Social Science
Society for Social Responsibility in Science (SSRS)
Southern Resident Labor Colleges
Summerhill Collective
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
US Army Dependents Education Group
Yivo Insitute for Jewish Research
Save the San Jose Medical Center Coaltion
There’s something terrible wrong in America
A ‘new look’ in health
U.S.-Cuba Health Exchange
Aids prevention
Articles on health (1971-1974)
Black Lung Association
Committe on Medical Care of the American Public Welfare Association
Health Free University
Health Policy Advisory Center
Health Ravolutionary Unity Movement
Life Extension Foundation
Lincoln Department of Medicine
Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR)
Mental Patients”Liberation Project (MPLP)
Metropolitan Health Workers Movement
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)
Needle Exchange Emergency Distribution (NEED)
New York Medical Committee for Human Rights
People's Medical Group
Physicians for Social Responsability
Political Psychology Action Coalition (P-PAC)
Psychiatric inmates / anti-psychiatry movement
Radical Therapist
Save our station (WBAI)
NAB 2000 speak out for media democracy
Labor, micro radio & the media
Micro power liberation radio
International Monitor Institute (IMI)
Radio Liberty
Printed letter by Upton Sinclair (1930)
Scardale’s battle of the books by Robert Shaplen (1950)
Anarchist Bookfairs and publications
Arsenal surrealist subversion
Book announcements
Jack London to University Students
Underground publications
Alternative Press Syndicate
Columbia Report
Colvin Press
Community Press
Federated Press
Free Life Editions
Grupo Editor de Cultura Obrero
Human Review
Idealist, for Democracy, Peace, Race Tolerance!
International News
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Johnny Appleseed Patriotic Publications
Labor Reports
Libertarian Book Club
Libertarian Review
Literature of Liberty
Little Free Press
Marcus Graham Freedom of the Press Committee
Mother Earth Books
National Review
New International
New Liberation News Service
New Republic
New Space Books
News and Letters
Nofrontier News Service
Peace Posters Press
Philadelphia Solidarity
Propaganda for Free Discussion
Ramparts Magazine
Revolution Books
Smyrna Press
Socialist Action Bookshop
Talespinner Publications
Task Force on Alternatives in Print
Underground Press Syndicate
Yipster Times / Overthrow
Erist Manifesto
The ego and his own
Religion in action
Loyal to their Christian convictions
Great things
The Minister’s Daughter
Understanding (by John J. Klein)
Benjamin Franklin and the Jews (1939)
A Catholic statement on Soviet anti-semitism (1953)
Anti-semitism and philo-semitism in the Socialist International (1953)
American Association for the Advancement of Atheism
American Friends Service Committee
American Jewish Committee
American Seminary of the Bible
American Tract Society
Caravan of East and West
Catholic Peace Fellowship
Catholic Worker
Central Conference of American Rabbis
Centre of Religious Orientation
Christian Anti-Communism Crusade
Church of Scientology
Church of the Brethern
Commission of the Churches on International Affairs
Commission on Justice and Peace of the Central Conference of American Rabbis
Community Los Angeles Catholic Worker
Council of Social Action
Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, Commission on International Justice and Goodwill
Fortean Society
Freethinkers of America
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Jews for Jesus
General Assembly’s Committee on Presbyterians in Civilian Public Service
Kagawa Fellowship Retreat
Methodist Church
Mothers of America
National Council of the Churches of Christ
National Council of the Churches for Peace
New Age Coalition
New History Society
Pacifist Research Bureau
Permanent Committee on International Justice and Goodwill
Religious Society of Friends
Religious Task Force Mobilization for Survival
Society of Jesus
Society of Separationists
Temple Israel
Truth Seeker
Umano Foundation
Universal Religious Alliance