Antoinette Raquiza Collection on the Philippine Left

Biographical / Historical Note

Antoinette R. Raquiza; born in Manila, Philippines, 3 August 1959; associate professor at the Asian Center, University of the Philippines Diliman where she teaches Southeast Asian Studies; prior to earning her Ph.D. in Political Science at the City University of New York Graduate Center, she worked briefly with the Department of Agrarian Reform under civil society leader Secretary Horacio Morales Jr. and participated in the anti-dictatorship and democracy struggles through her membership in national democratic and popular democratic organizations.


Donated to the IISH 2014


Collection of documents on the Philippine left, mostly related to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the National Democratic Front (NDF). Antoinette R. Raquiza circumscribes the collection in her own words: the collection consists largely of materials provided by erstwhile CPP officials during the 1990s, when she worked with Dr. Francisco Nemenzo Sr. who was then doing a study on the Philippine communist movements from the 1950s to the 1990s. The collection consists of official documents such as the CPP’s Ang Bayan and the NDF’s Liberation as well as party policy documents laying down the CPP’s line of march during the period between the 1970s until the first decade after the ouster of Marcos. There are also photocopies of mimeographed internal documents from CPP regional commands. Another set of documents consists of ideological, political and organizational papers, written by Party members and units in the early 1990s in response to the CPP leadership’s rectification campaign. The authors of these documents, almost all of whom were either expelled or resigned from the CPP, would be known as 'rejectionists' in relation to the CPP’s 'reaffirm' its decades-old Maoist-inspired strategy and tactics. The debate, in fact, facilitated the collection of documents as many party officials alluded to as revisionists by the CPP leadership sought to explain their own interpretation of the party’s history, providing materials to back up their claims.

Processing Information

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