Wolfgang Harich Audio Collection

Biographical / Historical Note

Born in Königsberg, Germany 1923, died in Berlin 1995; philosopher and publicist; studied with Nicolai Hartmann and Eduard Spranger 1940-1942; deserted from the German army at the end of 1944 and joined resistance groups in Berlin; resuming his studies after the war he became a publicist and literary critic; member of the Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands (KPD), later Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands (SED) from 1945/1946; lecturer of dialectical and historical materialism at the Humboldt University in East-Berlin from 1948 and after his graduation in 1951 deputy professor of history of philosophy; together with Arthur Baumgarten, Ernst Bloch and Karl Schröter member of the editorial staff of the Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie; advocated democratic reforms for the sake of a unified and socialist Germany in November 1956 after which he was arrested; imprisoned until 1964; staff member of the Akademie-Verlag from 1965; focused on ecological problems in the 1970s; stayed in some western countries from 1979 but returned to the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in 1981; after the `Wende' in 1989 he became chairman of the Alternative Enquete Kommission (AEK), which did research on the history of the GDR; his publications include `Jean Pauls Kritik des philosophischen Egoismus' 1968, `Zur Kritik des revolutionären Ungedulds' 1971, `Kommunismus ohne Wachstum? Babeuf und der "Club of Rome"' 1975 and `Keine Schwierigkeiten mit der Wahrheit' 1993.


Descriptions of the digital files are based on the captions of the physical medium. In case of a cassette each side (side A and side B) is described as a separate unit. The collection originally consisted of 9 cassettes with the call numbers GC10/497-GC10/505. In 2015 the cassettes were digitized.


Files containing interviews with Wolfgang Harich. He talks about his life from childhood until 1991.

It is not known who conducted the interviews.

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