Antonio Téllez Solá Photo Collection

Biographical / Historical Note

Born in Tarragona, Catalonia, 1921; died in Perpignan, France 2005. Anarchist, involved in the urban guerrilla, journalist, historian... He joined the anarchist youth organization at the start of the Spanish Civil War. When he was 18 years old, he joined the republican army in the final stages of the Republic's collapse. In February 1939 he was forced into exile and spent 18 months in French camps; escaped late 1940 and joined a band of spanish guerrilla, serving as part of the French resistance against Nazi-occupation until Liberation in 1944. In October 1944 he took part in the 10-day invasion of Francoist Spain by around 6,000 Communist Party-led guerrillas. After surviving the battle at Salardú, moved to Toulouse where he set up clandestine arms dumps; for two years liaised between the French and Spanish anarchist movements; unable to generate support for the resistance against the Franco regime due to the hostility to armed struggle of the Toulouse leadership of the exiled anarcho-syndicalist National Confederation of Labour (CNT), he moved to Paris where he worked as a reporter for Agence France Press from 1960 until retirement in 1986; in Paris, from 1954 onwards, his life's work was to write the history of the post-1944 anarchist guerrillas against Francoism: Francisco Sabaté Llopart ('El Quico'), José Lluís Facerías, Wenceslao Jiménez Orive and many more, who operated from the mountains and sierras throughout Spain; wrote and published a large amount of books and articles in various periodicals as Atalaya , Bicicleta , CNT , Cultura Libertaria , Historia Libertaria , Polémica , Ruta and Solidaridad Obrera (Paris); his published works include: La guerrilla urbana en España: Sabaté (1972) and La guerrilla urbana: Facerías (1974).

Custodial History

Received as part of the Antonio Téllez Solá papers


Arranged in four series: Portraits and group portraits anarchists; Photographs and illustrative materials used by Téllez in his books; First May group / The Angry Brigade; Various

In the description of group portraits only one person is used as the entry. Other individuals on the photographs, as far as identified, are mentioned under the label “Other persons”. If the location where photographs were taken is known this is also included.


Mainly portraits of anarchists and urban guerrillas and other pictures concerning the Spanish Civil War and the Spanish Libertarian Movement (MLE) in Spain and in exile, which were collected and partly used by Antonio Téllez for his publications including Sabaté. Guerrilla Urbana en España (1945-1960), Facerías. Guerrilla Urbana (1939-1957), La red de evasión del Grupo Ponzán, Agustín Remiro. De la guerrilla confederal a los servicios secretos británicos, A guerrilla antifranquista de Mario de Langullo, o Pinche, Historia de un atentado aéreo contra el General Franco and Tinieblas y Sangre: el Movimiento Libertario contra el Franquismo (Abril de 1949 a Julio de 1952).

The collection contains also negatives and some illustrative material, these are defined as material type. Part of the materials are not original but photographic copies of the prints.

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