MNOB Ephemera Collection

In defence of Donbass and Luyansk, 2014
Court and political documentation, (repressions), 2011-2013
Materials of conferences of different organizations, 2010-2013
Georgia, 2011
Public political activity (different), demonstrations, meetings, protest,
street actions, (documentation), leaflets, posters, etc., 2011-2013
Crimea, national communities, (Russian, Tartars, Jews), political
organizations, 1993, 2009-2011
Moscow, elections, (mayor, city duma) 2013-2014
Ecological projects, 2010
Social movements, 2010-2011
Labor protest, 2010-2014
Ukraine 2012-2013
Social movements, 2006-20111, Russia
Russia, documentation, pamphlets, leaflets, 2005
Russia, documentation, parliamentary elections, 2011-2012
Russia, elections, 2011-2012
Russia, documentation, before elections, 2011-2012
Trade unions, leftist actions, 2012-2015
Human rights demands
Poltical and social protests
Street actions in support of Novorossija, 2014-2015
Nationalist and military ephemera, 2012-2015
Local elections, 2012-2016
Elections in Crimea, 2014
Congresses and conferences of different parties, 2014-2015