Horacio Martínez Prieto Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Horacio Martínez Prieto, better known as Horacio Prieto; born in Bilbao 1902, died in Créteil near Paris 1985; secretary general of the National Committee of the CNT 1935-1936; head of government office for foreign trade during the government led by Largo Caballero 1936-1937; member of the National Committee of the CNT 1937-1939; deputy secretary of health during the Juan Negrín government 1938; minister in the first Spanish government in exile 1945-1947; Prieto was a strong supporter of governmental participation by the CNT and also of the idea of a libertarian socialist party which should be recognized by CNT and FAI.


Correspondence between Horacio Prieto and the National Committee of the clandestine CNT, and its representative in France José Pinedo, and with the Subcomité Nacional of the CNT-MLE in France 1946-1947; reports by Horacio Prieto to the CNT about the proceedings of the first Republican Government in exile 1946-1947; printed text of a speech by Indalecio Prieto to the Socialist Youth in Mexico about a possible plebiscite in Spain 1945; documents concerning the negotiations of the CNT with the liberal monarchists 1946; documents concerning the first Republican Government in exile 1946; minutes of the last meetings of the first Republican Government in exile 21-27 January 1947; a printed message, dated March 23, 1948, to imprisoned anarchists in Spain; documents concerning the libertarian movement in Basque Country 1949-1966; documents concerning the negotiations in Madrid with the state trade-unions Centrales Nacional-Sindicalistas (CNS) in 1965.

Typescripts: his autobiography ‘Ananké’ (‘Mi curriculum vitae: ilusión, aventura, frustración’); his thoughts on the Spanish Civil War and biographical portraits of politicians he knew ‘Señoritos’ (‘Vanidad y rencor: la Guerra Civil’); his reflections on the failure of anarcho-syndicalism in Spain and biographical portraits of anarchists he met ‘Utopistas’ (‘Semblanzas de militantes libertarios. El crac del anarquismo’); a political and philosophical critique of Marxism ‘Socialismo’ (‘El estado’ and ‘La moral’); personal and metaphysical writings ‘Mitos’ (‘El materialismo’ and ‘El Escepticismo’), and ‘Vaniloquios’, all by Horacio M. Prieto and all n.d.

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