Willem van Schendel Papers (উইলেম ফান স্কেন্ডেলের সংগ্রহ)

Biographical / Historical Note

Born in Amsterdam 1949; read Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam and published a dissertation on peasant mobility in rural Bangladesh (1980); taught at the Erasmus University Rotterdam 1980-1996 (from 1990 as Professor of Comparative History); since 1996 Professor of Modern Asian History at the University of Amsterdam and senior research fellow at the International Institute of Social History.

Village studies in Bangladesh 1974-1979; this collection consists of detailed field and archival notes, maps and background papers of research on the socio-economic mobility of rural households in Bangladesh over several generations; the project was carried out in two phases, 1974-1975 (Willem van Schendel) and 1977-1978 (willem van Schendel, Aminul Haque Faraizi (আমিনুল হক ফারৈজি) and Md. Mahbubar Rahman (মোঃ মাহবুবর রহমান)); it covered seven villages in Rangpur (রাংপুর) district (1974-1975 and 1977), Comilla (কুমিল্লা) district (1977-1978) and Bogra (বোগরা) district (1978); the research resulted in a book: Willem van Schendel, Peasant Mobility. The Odds of Life in Rural Bangladesh (1981).


Documents concerning village studies in Bangladesh 1974-1979: field notes on Gobrogari (গোবরগাড়ি) village (Rangpur) 1974-1975; field and archival notes 1977-1979 on Goborgari village (Rangpur), the villages of Ghorshal (ঘরশাল), Hatshohor (হাটশহর), Noupara (নৌপারা), Manipara (মণিপারা) and Oar (ওর) (Bogra) and Dhoneshor (ধনেস্বর) village (Comilla), index, village maps, background papers, project documentation 1977-1979

Correspondence with and documentation of the International Centre for Bengal Studies (ICBS) in Dhaka, Bangladesh 1991-2000.

Accrual 2013: photocopies of a report of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Commission's Mission in Bangladesh February 16-22, 2009, letters from Dr. Ramendu S. Dewan (ডঃ রমেন্দু এস. দেওয়ান) to Willem van Schendel and other documents on the Chittagong Hill Tracts 2008-2009; some maps.