Devi Prasad Papers (দেবীপ্রসাদের সংগ্রহ)

Correspondence mainly concerning his activities with persons and organisations on peace and nonviolence. 1961-1994. 2 boxes
Personal correspondence and papers. 1961-1983. 1 folder
Correspondence as General Secretary and President of the War Resisters’ International (WRI) mainly with executive committee, council and staff members, including Howard Clark, Harold Bing and Björn Lindgren. 1961-1992. 2 folders

NB. Includes also correspondence concerning his appointment as general secretary and his retiring speech as president.

Other correspondence concerning the WRI. 1964-1998. 2 folders
Documents concerning the council meetings. 1960-1993. 2 folders
Agenda, secretary reports, lists of council members and other documents.
Minutes of the Executive committee meetings. 1961-1994. 1 box
Documents concerning the visits of Devi Prasad to various countries. 1961-1982. 1 folder
Correspondence, news letters and other documents of the WRI Indian section. 1961-1962, 1982-1991. 2 folders
Reports on conferences, meetings and staff matters. 1962-1992. 1 folder
Documents concerning conscientious objection. 1963-1994. 2 folders
Documents concerning the Triennial conferences of the WRI. 1963-1991. 1 box
Documents concerning the 18th Triennial conference in 1986 in Vedchhi, India. 1984-1986. 8 folders
Preparatory work.
Participation and registration requests.
Papers presented and background papers.
Correspondence, reports and other documents concerning the Lansbury House Trust Fund (LHTF). 1973-1983. 1 folder
Correspondence with the Committee for International Nonviolence. 1973-1982. 1 folder
Correspondence with and documents concerning the Institute for Training in Nonviolence. 1965-1967. 1 folder
Documents of the International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace. 1962-1975. 2 folders
Documents of the International Independence Institute. 1966-1969. 1 folder
Documents of Operation Omega mainly concerning the relief mission into Bangla Desh. 1971-1973. 3 folders
Documents concerning the Pacem in Terris II convocation in 1967 in Geneva. 1967. 1 folder
Documents concerning the Peace Brigades International (PBI). 1989-1992. 4 folders
General Assembly. 1992.
Council meeting. 1989.
Directorate meetings. 1990-1991.
Sri Lanka project. 1989-1991.
Documents concerning the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. 1983-1990. 2 folders
Reconciliation mission to Sri Lanka in 1986 on behalf of WRI, PBI, International Fellowship of Reconciliation and Asian Cultural Forum on Development. 1983-1987.
World Solidarity Forum on Sri Lanka for Justice and Peace, Thailand, 1990. 1986-1990.
Documents concerning the Conference on Nonmilitary Forms of Struggle in Uppsala in 1972. 1972. 2 folders
Documents concerning the World Peace Brigade for Non-Violent Action. 1961-1965. 7 folders and 1 box
Correspondence concerning the conference to establish a world peace brigade. 1961. (box)
Minutes of meetings, reports and discussion papers. 1960-1964.
Documents of the Indian delegation. 1961-1962.
Documents concerning Everyman III, a protest voyage from London to Leningrad against nuclear tests. 1962.
Documents concerning the Delhi-Peking Friendship March. 1963-1964.
Typescripts and copies of articles and reports by Devi Prasad. 1961-2001. 6 folders
Specific conflict situations.
Gandhi and education.
Gandhi's perspective.
Childhood, art and education.
Documents concerning the book War is a crime against humanity. The Story of War Resisters’ International . 1994-1996. 2 folders
Questionnaire about historical facts of the WRI. 1994.
Correspondence concerning the grants for the book. 1995-1996.
Documentation collected for the book War is a crime against humanity. The Story of War Resisters’ International . 1901-1999. 4 boxes
Documents on the WRI. 1929-1999.
Documents on peace, nonviolence, nuclear weapons and armed conflicts. 1901-1988.
Excerpts from and copies of articles on peace and nonviolence. 1962-1992.
Minutes, correspondence and other documents from and on the WRI. 1940, 1943-1944, 1946, 1961-1962, 1964, 1966, 1971-1974, 1976, 1984-1988, 1991, 1996, 2000-2001, 2003 and n.d. 2 folders
Correspondence and other documents on conscientious objection. 1951, 1967, 1986-1988, 1990 and n.d. 1 folder
Correspondence and other documents during and on the European tour of Devi Prasad in 1961. 1961-1962. 2 folders
Documents on the Peace Brigades International. 1982-1992. 1 cover
Documents on the research and writing project 'War is a crime against humanity. Story of War Resister's International', initiated by Devi Prasad. 1995-1996. 1 folder
Sketch of his life in India and his work for the WRI by Devi Prasad. N.d. 1 cover
Obituaries for Devi Prasad, died on 1 June 2011. 2011. 1 cover