Sobron Aidit Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Simon Sobron Aidit; born in Tanjung Pandan, Belitung, Sumatra, Indonesia 1934, died in Paris 2007; writer and poet, brother of PKI-leader D.N. Aidit; teacher in Jakarta, Indonesia 1954-1963; left in 1964 for China, where he worked as professor at the Institut Bahasa Asing Beijing and as editor and presenter of Radio Beijing in Bahasa Indonesia; after the coup d'etat of 1965 it was impossible for him to return to Indonesia and he stayed for a longer time in China; from 1981 in exile in Paris; visited frequently the Netherlands.


Diary 1969-1982; correspondence (mainly by e-mail) 1997-2000; typescripts and some manuscripts of poems, articles and essays from the period 1950-2003; documentation 2005.

Accrual 2009: correspondence 1981-2007; press card Bintang Press 1962; contract and certificate on his employment as an expert of Radio Peking Indonesian Section 1964, 1981; memories on the period from the coup by Suharto in 1965 until 1980 1980.