Theodore Johannes Kloppenburg Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Theodore Johannes Kloppenburg; born in Amsterdam 1895; emigrated to South Africa 1936; naturalized 1951; lived in Johannesburg and afterwards in Durban; worked as a turner and foreman; member of War Resisters' International, the South African Liberal Party and one of the founders of the United Nations Association of Southern Africa; took part in the Durban Parliament Debating Society and the Durban International Parliamentary Debating Society, which organizations were left-wing and multiracial; police and secret service observed Kloppenburg's attendance at meetings from 1959; the Public Prosecutor decided to persecute Kloppenburg because the possession of forbidden literature and on accusation of having contact with communists 1961; found guilty and sentenced to 12 months, six of which were suspended 1964; after his release new accusations followed and legal persecution continued; found guilty again and imprisoned May 1967; after serving part of his sentence Kloppenburg was released and allowed to leave South Africa; he left South Africa for London in July 1967 and settled in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


Copies of a file of the Department of Justice of South Africa on the observation of, the accusations against and the persecution of Kloppenburg 1962-1967; copy of a short history of the Fellowship of Reconciliation by Rob Robertson 1994-1995.

Location of Originals

South African Department of Justice Archives: File No. 2/1/1221