David H.D. Truong Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

David H.D. Truong, earlier known as Truong Dinh Hung, born c. 1945, died in Penang, Malaysia, 26 June 2014; son of Truong Dinh Dzu, who ran for president in southern Vietnam's 1967 election and afterwards was jailed and tried by the Thieu regime; Truong left Vietnam 1965 for the United States to register as a student at Stanford University; Truong was involved in Vietnam-related activities in the US; following the end of the Vietnamese war Truong helped to form the Vietnamese-American Reconciliation Center; the charge upon Truong was convicted involved the receipt and transmission of classified information to the Vietnamese Ambassador in Paris; he was arrested in January 1978 and the triail against Truong and his companion Ronald Humphrey started in May 1978; both got a sentence of 15 years; after his conviction his case was brought finally to the U.S. Supreme Court. See for biographical sketches the obituaries by John Kleinen on the site of the University of Amsterdam, by Paul Vitello in The New York Times and by Emily Langer in The Washington Post.


Documents on the trial of Truong Dinh Hung and his stay in prison 1976-1987; correspondence of Truong with his wife Carolyn L. Gates and other personal correspondence 1980-1986.