Political developments in Pakistan Collection


The collection was transferred to the IISH in 2003; with an accrual in 2004.


Albums with press clippings about Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif 1993, Mirza Aslam Beq 1989-1992, Ghulam Ishaq Khan 1991-1993, Ghulam Mustafa Khan 1970-1992 and Jam Sadiq Ali 1991-1992, the Pakistan Peoples Party 1993, the Mohajir Qaumi Movement 1989-1992, the National Awami Party 1970, Kashmir 1990-1992, Sindh 1990-1992, Afghanistan 1989-1992 and Russia 1990-1992; press clippings on army, corruption, development, elections, environment and media 1989-1993.

Processing Information

List made by Ahmed Salim and Bouwe Hijma in 2003