Jibhah-i Milli-i Iran Collection

Biographical / Historical Note

Jibhah-i Milli-i Iran (جبهه ملی ایران) - The Iranian National Front - was formed in Tehran in 1949; it was in favour of the 'nationalisation of the oil' which was realised during 1949-1953, and became an important political force; the leader of the National Front, Mohammad Mossadeq(محمد مصدق) was prime minister of Iran in 1951-1952; after the coup of August 1953 the organization became a 'national resistance movement' that fought for seven years; about 1960 the ban was suspended and the first congress was being held in Iran in 1962; the National Front was anti-shah and balanced after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 a long time between legal and illegal existence; as a legal movement it criticized fundamentalists but supported president Mohammad Khatami; the activities of the National Front continued in Iran and abroad.


Declarations 1968-1983; pamphlets and leaflets 1998-2000, publications 1992-2000, issued outside Iran.