United for Intercultural Action Archives

Biographical / Historical Note

European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees; founded in 1992; supported by ca. 550 organisations in 49 european countries; UNITED aims at establishing better contacts and co-operation between European groups and organizations which employ activities against racism; in these years United managed to get into contact with more than 2000 organizations in all European countries; it conducted several annual Europe-wide campaigns like the campaign '21 March - European Action Week Against Racism' and 'November 9 - International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism'; it researched the existence of detention centers, monitors the deaths of refugees caused by 'Fortress Europe' and has come up with provisional lists of detention centers for 'illegals' and refugees in Europe; it also distributed regularly its publications Europe-wide, such as 'Addressbook Against Racism', 'Calendar of Internationalism' etc.


Deposit Stichting United for Intercultural Action 1998


Correspondence with the connected organizations, questionnaires concerning the start of the network and documents concerning campaigns; documentation on c. 300 anti-racist and anti-fascist groups and organizations, ranging from the European Parliament and other EU institutions to international organizations like the International Lesbian and Gay Association - European Region and local groups like SOS Racismo, Madrid (1986-)1992-2010.

Documents relating to conferences organised by United for Intercultural Action, with correspondence, documents concerning preparation, subventions, participants and accommodation 1993-2010; documentation from European anti-fascist and anti-racist organizations.

Processing Information

List made by Bernard Mantel in 2002.