Informations pour les droits du soldat (Paris) Archives

Biographical / Historical Note

Founded in 1974 by adherents of the French Parti Socialiste Unifié (PSU) at a time when 100 French conscripts circulated the petition `l'Appèl des Cent'; about 6000 soldiers signed this petition demanding improvement of living conditions in the barracks; during and soon after this action more than 100 clandestine soldier committees were formed; IDS was active in these committees and worked for their transformation into an open conscripts union in France; with the support of IDS and the Confédération Française Démocratique du Travail (CFDT), a soldier committee in Besançon announced the foundation of such a soldier trade union in 1975; this move towards a legal conscripts union in France met severe repression by the government which resulted in a sharp decline of the French conscripts movement; IDS remained active, however, continuing the publication of its information letter Le Soldat, its participation in the antinuclear peace movement and its involvement in the European Conference of Conscript Organizations (ECCO).


Gift Patrick Silberstein and Patrick Le Tréhondat 1998


Minutes, discussion papers and other documents of the Collectif National and the national secretariat of IDS; internal bulletins, leaflets, pamphlets, press releases, public statements and other information material of IDS; leaflets, bulletins and other processed documents of clandestine soldier's committees; some correspondence with and documents of French trade unions and other organizations, including the CFDT, Syndicat des Travailleurs Corse (STC), Comités Communistes pour l'Autogestion (CCA) and Alliance Marxiste Révolutionnaire; minutes, correspondence, reports and other documents relating to meetings of ECCO and the European Organization of Military Associations (EROMIL); documents relating to the contacts with soldier's organizations in various countries, including the Vereniging van Dienstplichtige Militairen (VVDM) in the Netherlands, the Union Democratica de Soldados (UDS) in Spain, the Svaz Vojenské Mládeze (SVM) in Czechoslovakia and its Russian and Greek sister organizations; clippings, pamphlets and other documentation on the living and working conditions of conscripts in France and other countries.

Processing Information

Inventory made by Henk Hondius in 2000.