Fuat Fegan Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Born in Larnaka, Cyprus 1937, disappeared in 1983; studied sociology at the university of Istanbul; leftwing political activist; friend of Hikmet Kıvılcımlı; when Kıvılcımlı had to flee from Turkey because of the repression by the military in 1971 Fegan took care of his papers; brought them to Sweden when he had to flee Turkey himself; started the arrangement and prepared a bibliography of the writings of Kıvılcımlı.


Documents relating to the (second) Vatan Partisi 1976-1979, n.d.; documents relating to the Avrupa Türkiyeli Işçi Dernekleri Federasyonu 1974-1980; documents concerning the Türkiye Sosyalist Işçi Partisi (TSIP) and other political organizations 1967-1982; documents on the Cyprus question and the COMINTERN 1957-1980.

Processing Information

List made by Mehmet Bilgen