Komintern Archives

Biographical / Historical Note

Founded in Moscow in March 1919 as the `general staff' of the world revolution; aimed at the expansion of communism all over the world; communist parties in a great number of countries were affiliated; dissolved in 1943 to improve the relations of the Soviet Union with the Allies during the Second World War.


Documents relating to the first four COMINTERN congresses consisting of preparatory material, invitations, mandatory letters of the delegates, official salutations, minutes of the sessions of congresses and of the Executive Committee and its working commissions, reports of the delegates, resolutions and programmes of the national sections.

Microform publication by the Inter Documentation Company, Leiden, the Netherlands.

Location of Originals

Originals at the RGASPI (Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History), the former RCChIDNI, Moscow, fund 488-491; microform publication by the Inter Documentation Company, Leiden.