Iranian Socialist and Communist Parties, Organizations and Groups Archives

Biographical / Historical Note

The first generation of Iranian socialists participated in the Constitutional Revolution of 1906-1908; in 1917 the Adalat) (عدالت(Justice) Party was founded in Baku, Azerbaijan, which in 1920 changed its name into Ferqeh-e Komunist-e Irān (فرقه کمونیست ایران)(Communist Party of Iran); suppressed by the Rezā Shah(رضا شاه) autocracy during 1921-1941; in 1941 the Hezb-e Tudeh-e Irān(حزب توده ایران) (Tudeh or Mass Party of Iran, TPI) was founded, which rapidly expanded and became a major political force in the following years; its strength was drastically reduced after 1953 because of repression by the regime of Muhammad Rezā Shah _(محمدرضا شاه)but the TPI managed to survive and played a role in the revolution of 1979. Next to the TPI the Sāzemān-e Cherikhā-ye Fedā'i-ye Khalq-e Irān(سازمان چریک های فدائی خلق ایران) (Organization of the Iranian People's Fedaii Guerillas) came into existence through the merging in 1971 of two guerrilla groups which had been active since the mid-1960s; after the revolution of 1979 the Fedai split over their attitudes towards the Islamic Republic; persecutions by the Khomeini government started in 1981; a large number of the leaders and cadre members of the TPI, the Fedai and other left organizations were arrested, executed or sentenced to prison; an internal opposition within the TPI emerged after 1983 and founded the Hezb-e Demokrātik-e Mardom-e Irān(حزب دموکراتیک مردم ایران) (Iranian People's Democratic Party). Ahmadi, Hamid (حمید احمدی): born in Sari, Iran 1945; graduated from Iran's naval academy in 1971; member of the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party; left the TPI in 1986 and became research fellow at the Free University of Berlin.


The collection was received by the IISH in 1994 from Hamid Ahmadi (Berlin).


The documents, which are described in this list, are from the personal papers of Hamid Ahmadi , a former naval officer, who was a member of the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran . Ahmadi left the Tudeh Party in 1986 and is now lecturer at the Free University of Berlin . But due to his political and academical interests he continued collecting documents concerning the socialist and communist movements in Iran.
The documents, which cover a wide historical period, beginning with 1917 and ending by 1990 , were transferred to the IISH in 1994 . The collection was already arranged, partly by subject, partly by document type. The arrangement has not been changed but the documents were packed and numbered in accordance with IISH practice. Series of periodicals and some pamphlets were transferred to the library.


Collection of documents from Hamid Ahmadi(حمید احمدی) consisting of correspondence by Hamid Ahmadi(حمید احمدی), Ardeshir Avanesiyan(اردشیر آوانسیان) and other central committee members or cadre members of the TPI 1951, 1984-1990; documents relating to plenums of the TPI 1957, 1981, 1984, 1988; proclamations, internal bulletins, pamphlets and other documents relating to the TPI 1960-1961, 1973-1990 and n.d.; some documents relating to the Iranian People's Democratic Party 1987-1991; internal bulletins, pamphlets and other documents relating to the Organization of the Iranian People's Fedaii Guerrillas, the Fedā'i Aksariyāt (Fedai Majority) organization and other Iranian armed struggle and marxist organizations 1968-1990.

Processing Information

List made by Hamid Ahmadi in 1995