Fourth International. International Secretariat Archives

Biographical / Historical Note

The Fourth International was founded in 1938 by Trotsky; shortly before the Second World War the International Secretariat was transferred to America; as soon as international relationships had been re-established, the International Secretariat in America and the European Secretariat jointly organised an International Conference in 1946 electing a new International Executive Committee and a new International Secretariat; they decided to transfer the International Secretariat to Europe; the organization was subject to many tendency formations (Posadas tendency, Pablo tendency); in the fifties the International Secretariat had its basis in Amsterdam; most serious split came in 1953-1954 when a majority of the French, British and some other sections established the International Committee as a new organizing centre of revolutionary Marxism.


Correspondence with the Latin Bureau of the Fourth International 1958-1959, with representatives of the Fourth International in various countries 1958; correspondence with Patrick O'Daniel (Sherry Mangan) 1958.