Boris Yelensky Papers

NB. Consists of letters received and sent primarily as secretary of the FSG and ABAF (occasionally, from 1957 onward, on his own behalf) concerning fundraising, relief work and publication activities.

Correspondence with groups and individuals in the USA. 1934-1973. 30 folders

NB. Alphabetically arranged by name.

L'Adunata dei refrattari, anarchist paper, New York. 1948-1958.
American ORT Federation. 1947.
Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle, Chicago. 1957.
Asshbaugh, Carolyn, Sac City, Iowa. 1973.
Avrich, Paul, New York. 1963, 1967-1973.
Beresin, Morris, Philadelphia. 1949-1964.

NB. Includes two manuscripts, one by Morris Beresin for Yelensky's 60th birthday 1949 and one by Yelensky for Beresin's 75th birthday 1963 and some clippings in Yiddish.

C.A.R.E. (Cooperation for American Remittances to Europe, Inc.), New York. 1944- 1952.
Cernij, J., Detroit. 1949-1956.
Cultura Proletaria, anarchist exiles from Spain in the US, New York. 1943-1952.
Dielo Trouda Probuzhdenie, Organ of the Federation of Russian Workers Organization in the United States and Canada, New York, concerning relief for Russian expatriates in Germany, and other subjects. 1946-1973.

NB. In Russian.

1952-1973 and n.d.
Dolgoff (Weiner), Sam and Esther, New York. 1949-1952, 1971-1973.
Ellington, Richard, Oakland, CA. 1970-1973.
F.F.F. (Yidishe Anarkhistishe Federatsye), New York. 1946-1956.
Fogelson, A.W., Los Angeles. 1958-1962.

NB. In Yiddish.

Fraye Arbeter Shtime (Freie Arbeiter Stimme - F.A.S), Yiddish anarchist weekly, New York. 1940-1971, n.d.

NB. In Yiddish and Russian.

1955-1971 and n.d.
Federated F.A.S. Group, New York. 1946-1961.
Finkler, Ethel B. 1961.
Fuller, Thomas (Libertarian Research), East Orleans, Mass. 1971-1972.
Gamberg, Morris, New York. 1958-1964. (Yiddish)
Gedalya, P. 1958-1959. (Yiddish)
Goldman, Joseph, Los Angeles. 1948-1964. (Yiddish)
Goodfreund, A., San Francisco. 1947-1957.
Gorodisky, Jonah, New York. 1970-1971. (Yiddish). Gudell, Martin. 1958-1959. Industrial Workers of the World, Chicago. 1958-1972. International Solidarity Committee, New York. 1946-1947 . 1 folder
Jewish Labor Committee, New York/Chicago. 1943-1953.
Karpick, J., New York. 1971-1972. (Russian)
Katie (first name) on internal dissensions in the Free Society Group. 1963.
Keyser, Dora, Los Angeles. 1946-1960.
Kisliuk, Lilian, Washington. 1948.
Kovner, Hilda, NY. 1946, 1957.
Kovalenko, Theo, Michigan. 1950-1958. (Russian).
Kropotkin Literary Society, Los Angeles. 1943-1958.
Labadie Collection, University of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor. 1934-1955.
Levey, Jeanne and Jay, San Mateo, California. 1949-1959.
Libertarian Book Club, New York. 1949-1962.
Libertarian League, New York. 1956-1960.
Libertarian Refugee Fund, Detroit. 1947-1962.
Libertarian Refugee Fund, Los Angeles. 1945-1957.
Libertarian Refugee Fund, New York. 1956-1958.
Libraries. Mainly letters addressed to J. Cherney, acknowledging receipt of publications. 1940, 1954-1955.
Maximoff, Olga, Chicago. 1957-1958.
Medinich, S., Youngstown, Ohio. 1950-1953.
Mratchny, Mark, Los Angeles and New York. 1934-1957. (Russian and Yiddish).
Pesotta, Rose, NY. 1946, 1948.
Porozoff, A.V., Detroit. 1948-1955.
Radical Library, Philadelphia. 1943-1957.

NB. Includes also correspondence from Berlin 1924-1925 and Windsor 1928.

Resistance, an anarchist monthly, New York. 1948-1957.
Retort Press, Beardsfield N.Y. 1950-1952.
Rocker, Rudolf. 1939-1957 and n.d.
Rocker Publications Committee, Los Angeles. 1948-1952 and Rudolf Rocker Book Publication Committee, New York. 1950. 1 folder
Rudolf Rocker 75th Jubilee Committee, Chicago, Rudolf Rocker 80th Birthday Testimonial Committee, New York. 1948-1958.

NB. Contains some clippings and other document concerning Rudolf Rocker.

S. Yanowsky Book Committee, Los Angeles. 1944-1947. (Yiddish).
Schmidt, Judy. 1960.
Schwarz, Anna, The Modern School, Stelton, New York. 1947-1958.
Shapiro, Alexander, NY. 1936, 1943.
Siegel, Ada, New York. 1951-1952.
Solidaridad Internacional Antifascista (S.I.A.), New York, 1943-1946 and Spanish Refugee Aid, Inc. 1954-1956.
Solomon, Sydney, New York. 1950-1952.
Sosnovsky, Anna, Los Angeles. 1940-1949 (-1958).
Strauss, M., New York. 1962-1963.

NB. Contains copy of a recommendation letter of P. Kropotkin 1903.

NB. Includes some correspondence with the family about burying of her ashes in the Waldheim Cemetery.

Transcontinental Distribution Centre, New York. 1945-1960.
Why? A Bulletin of Free Inquiry (D. Agostinelli), New York. 1946-1947.
Wieck, David. 1971.
Workers' Circle for Freeland, New York. 1950.
Workmens' Circle , Chicago, Michigan and New York. 1939, 1942, 1954-1955.
Yellin, B., Elsinore CA. 1957-1964.
Miscellaneous letters, including some personal correspondence and papers. 1947-1971 and n.d.
Correspondence with groups and individuals outside the USA. 1925-1972. 21 folders

NB. alphabetically arranged by name.

Abad de Santillán, Buenos Aires. 1950.
Anarchist Federation of Britain, London. 1948-1949.
Association Internationale des Travailleurs (A.I.T.) (John Andersson), Stockholm. 1939, 1947-1948.

NB. Includes letters of some other persons.

Berkman, Alexander (secretary Relief Fund of the I.W.M.A., Germany and France). 1925-1931.
Berneri, Giovanna. 1945-1950, 1956.
Česnik-family, in German DP-camps. 1949-1952.
Canipa, Marry, Essex. 1971-1972.

NB. Contains also letters from some other Italian anarchists.

NB. Includes also correspondence concerning the immigration of Tatiana and Victoria Česnik.

NB. See also inv.nrs. 42-43.

Cohen, Joseph J. and Dora, Paris. 1947-1965.
Commision d'Aide Antifascistes de Bulgarie, Paris. 1947-1959.

NB. Includes also some other correspondence concerning support for Bulgarian antifascists.

Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo-MLE, Organization of Spanish anarchist exiles in France, Toulouse-Paris, 1947-1960.
Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo-MLE Federacion de Masseube. 1946-1948.

NB. Includes also correspondence with some other Spanish refugees.

Doubinsky, J.R. and C. (Alexander Berkman Aid Fund, Paris Branch). 1944-1960.
Farlag Dovid Edelshat (Moyshe Feldman), Buenos Aires. 1948-1955. (Yiddish)
Fauchois, R., Paris. 1957.
Fédération Anarchiste Française, Paris. 1945.
Föderation Freiheitlicher Sozialisten, Darmstadt. 1948-1955.
Fraye Arbeter Shtime, Paris Group. 1951. (Russian).
Frayer Gedank (La Pensee libre), Paris. 1950-1951, 1959-1964. (Yiddish).
Freedom Press, London. 1946-1959, 1967-1972.
Goldman, Emma. 1936-1940.
Gorodisky, Jona, Buenos Aires. 1959-1972. (Yiddish).
Hamburg, S., Haifa. 1960-1961.
Hirschauge, L. and D., Tel Aviv. 1950-1954.
Hope, Robert, Glasgow. 1955.
IISH, Amsterdam. 1959.
Lamberet, R., Paris. 1956-1961.
Li Pei Kan, Shanghai. 1949.
Lewin, Anna, Paris. 1848-1956. (Russian and Yiddish).
Libertarian Socialist Institute, Bombay. 1947-1956.
Montseny, Federica (Solidarité Internationale Antifaciste), Toulouse. With lists of addresses of needy comrades. 1946-1960.
Munoz, V. Montevideo. 1968-1972.
Nettlau, Max. 1935.
Petersen, C.H., Denmark. 1952.
Relgis, Eugen, Montevideo. 1950.
Relief Fund of the IWMA for Anarchists and Anarco-Syndicalists Imprisoned and Exiled in Russia, Paris. 1931-1959.
Rezanovich, H., Montreal. 1946-1947.
Rocker, Rudolf (Relief Fund of the IWMA for Anarchists and Anarco-Syndicalists Imprisoned and Exiled in Russia), Berlin. 1930-1933.

NB. Addressed to Fedoreshen.

NB. See also inv.nrs. 36-37.

Rudolf Rocker Book Committee, London. 1950 (?). (Yiddish).
Solidaridad Anarquista Internacional, Buenos Aires. 1949-1950.
Solidarité Internationale Antifasciste, Paris and Toulouse. 1946-1951.
Souchy, Augustin, Mexico e.a. 1950-1960.
Spain and the World, London. 1938.
Steimer, Mollie and Senya Fleshin, Paris-Mexico. 1928, 1940-1959.
Stettner, David, Paris. 1965-1967.
Verlag Die Freie Gesellschaft (Leinau Gretel), Darmstadt. 1949-1956.
Woodcock, George, Canada, France and USA. 1948-1958.
Yamaga, T. (Anarkistya Federacio Japana), Tokyo. 1948-1959.
Other correspondence. 1924-1963. 15 folders

NB. Includes letters of political prisoners, refugees and other anarchist comrades and groups concerning mainly the relief work.

Arranged alphabetically by country.

Argentina. The Asociacion Racionalista Judia and other Libertarian Jewish groups in Buenos Aires. 1944-1964.
France. 1945-1950.

NB. Includes letters of Spanish refugees.

1948-1950, 1958 and n.d.
Germany. 1946-1950.

NB. Arranged alphabetically by city.

Duisburg. 1947-1948.

NB. Correspondents include Franz Barwich and Fritz Linow.

NB. Correspondents include Bernhard and Erna Koch and Ita Busch.

Frankfurt a.M. 1947-1949, 1957.

NB. Correspondents include Julius Nolden and Otto Gollin.

NB. Correspondents include Georg Hepp and M. Gundermann.


NB. Correspondents include Sepp Frey, Arthur Neudeck and Karl Stecker.

NB. Correspondents include Hans and Grete Saballa.


NB. Correspondents include Jakob Scherrer, Heinrich Kiefer and Jakob Gross.

NB. Correspondents include Hans Weigl and Georg Mayer.

NB. Correspondents include Franz Gampe.

Other cities.

NB. Correspondents include Theodor Müller.

NB. Correspondents include Wilhelm Kuhwald.

NB. Correspondents include August Benner and Walter Tacker.

Italy. 1930, 1939, 1946-1957.
Russia. 1924-1927, 1945-1960.
Political prisoners in Russia. 1924-1927 and n.d.
Russian refugees in Europe, Canada and USA. 1927, 1939-1963.
Miscellaneous letters and countries including Israel. 1945-1968.
Lists of addresses of refugees and comrades. 1946-1951 and n.d.
Appeals for help to prisoners in the Soviet Union and refugees in Europa and other countries. With circulars concerning the activities of the Chicago Aid Fund and the Alexander Berkman Aid Fund. 1925-1958 and n.d. 1 folder
Financial statements and reports of the activities. 1926-1965. 1 folder
Cash books. 1925-1926, 1930-1957. 5 folders
1934-1956. (journal)
Minutes of the meetings of the Free Society Group (FSG). 1931-1932. 1 folder
Correspondence concerning medical help for G.P. Maximoff. With lists of contributions. 1941-1942. 1 folder
Correspondence between B.Yelensky and Irving S. Abrams, chairman and treasurer of the ABAF and successor of Yelensky as secretary, mainly concerning discussions on the policy of the ABAF after the move of Yelensky to Miami. (1945-) 1957-1964, 1968. 2 folders
(1945-) 1957-1958.
Correspondence and receipts concerning the financial support of the Free Society Group Chicago to Spanish anarchists. 1937-1939. 1 folder
Reports on the publication and distribution of books of Sholem Schwarzbard. With some correspondence. 1933-1934. 1 folder
Documents concerning the publication of the book of G.P. Maximoff The guillotine at work , including the agreement for publication, reviews and correspondence concerning orders, delivery and receipt. 1939-1957. 1 folder
Documents concerning the book of G.P. Maximoff on Bakunin, The Political Philosophy of Bakunin: scientific anarchism . 1947-1957. 6 folders
Correspondence on behalf of the Maximoff Publication Committee. With financial reports on donations. 1947-1953, 1955.
Correspondence with the Free Press including the agreement for publication. 1952-1955.
Correspondence with the translator John Nicholas Beffel. 1949-1953.
Flyers and reviews of the book. 1952-1954.

NB. Includes also an article about the title "scientific anarchism'', probably by Maximoff.

Invoices of the Free Press to the Maximoff Publication Committee. 1953-1957.
Documents concerning the booklet The World Scene from the Libertarian Point of View , published for the 25th anniversary of the Free Society Group of Chicago. 1948-1952. 2 folders
Correspondence mainly with the contributors to the booklet. 1948-1952.

NB. Correspondents include Luce Fabbri, A. de Santillan, Li Pei Kan, M. Pierrot and Augustin Souchy.

Typescripts (sometimes with English translations) of the contributions of Felipe Alaiz, M. Buenacasa, H. Koechlin, I. Martí, Gaston Leval, M. Pierrot, Fernand Planche, Garcia Pradas, Rudolf Rocker and Boris Yelensky. 1951.
Documents concerning Yelensky's book In the struggle for equality. The story of the Anarchist Red Cross . 1956-1960. 7 folders
Correspondence with Morris Beresin, Sam Dolgoff and other comrades concerning the preparation and manuscript of the book. 1957-1958 and n.d.
Draft manuscript of the book.
Typescripts of the book with corrections and remarks.
Source material including the text of the memoirs of H. Weinstein on the Anarchist Red Cross.
Letters of thanks and acknowledgement receipts.
Reviews of In the Struggle for Equality .
Typescripts of books. 1969. 6 folders

NB. For the manuscript and typescripts of In the struggle for equality see inv.nrs. 90-92.

In the shadow of death, love and life: a story of real life in the period of the Great Russian Social Revolution in the years 1919- 1923 . 1969
In the social tempest: memoirs of the Russian Revolution . 1969
Articles and other writings. 3 folders
The beautiful dream: On the 50th anniversary of the Russian revolution . With the Spanish translation. 1967.
Bessie Yelensky (1891-1968) . With the Spanish translation. 1968.
Boris Yelensky , some biografhical sketches on his own life. 1970.
A brief history of the Makhnovist movement 1917-1921 . N.d.
The great Russian social revolution of 1917 . (Manuscript in Russian) N.d.
The great terror . (By Berl Kavkazer). 1969.
Olga Freidlin-Maximoff . (Copy) N.d.
Open letter to the editors of Freedom . 1972.
El Periodo de Krensky en 1917 . (In Spanish). N.d.
A romantic dream of a constructive idea? 1968.
Rodolf Rocker 1873-1958 . (in Russian) 1958.
Other (untitled) articles in Yiddish and Russian, including clippings of published articles. 1968-1970 and n.d.

Writings by others

NB. Arranged alphabetically by author.

See also 88.

Abrams, Irving S., The Haymarket tragedy , and an untitled article over the anarchist movement in Chicago from 1912 to 1920. Axler, B., 20th anniversary of the Alexander Berkman Aid-Fund . Beresin, M., Boris Yelensky. On his 60th birthday anniversary , 1959 1 folder
Cohen, Joseph J., In Quest of Heaven: The Story of the Sunrise Co-operative Farm Community 1957. 1 folder
Nettlau, Max, An alleged "historical novel" on Bakunin 1873-74 , a polemical article on Ricardo's Bacchelli's The devil at the long bridge . 1929. (manuscript) The anarchist idea: its past and future II . 1930 (?) (manuscript) 1 folder
Weiner, Sam, Revival of interest in anarchism . 1970. 1 piece

NB. Yelensky was the secretary of the committee.

Correspondence primarily concerning the fundraising to publish a biograhpy of Simon Faber. 1960-1963. 1 folder

NB. Includes the manuscript of an article by Boris Yelensky on the 3rd anniversary of Simon Farber's death.

Documents on the Sunrise Co-operative Farm Community, Michigan. 1936. 1 folder
Clippings, leaflets, pamphlets and other printed material concerning the anarchist movement. 1927-1970 and n.d. 3 folders

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