Collection Freundeskreis Carl von Ossietzky

Biographical / Historical Note

Carl von Ossietzky (1889-1938), editor of Die Weltbühne and one of the opinion leaders of the intellectual left during the Weimar Republic, was imprisoned after the Nazi take-over in 1933 and transferred to a concentration camp; severely mistreated and ill, he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1936 and was moved to a GESTAPO guarded private clinic, where he died in 1938. From 1933 a circle of exiled political and personal friends including Hellmut von Gerlach, Kurt Grossmann and Hilde Walter operated within the Deutsche Liga für Menschenrechte to get him released by influencing international public opinion, with the Nobel Prize nominations in 1935 and 1936 as principal means.


Register on the correspondence in invno. 62.


Documents collected by Hilde Walter: correspondence between the members of the circle of friends of Carl von Ossietzky, i.e. Kurt Grossmann, Hellmut von Gerlach, Otto Lehmann-Russbüldt, Rudolf Olden, Konrad Reisner, Ernst Toller, Hilde Walter, Milly Zirker 1933-1936; correspondence by members of the circle of friends, in particular Hilde Walter, with Norman Angell, Gertrud Baer, Rudolf Breitscheid, Max Brod, Albert Einstein, Gustav Hartung, Konrad Heiden, Paul Hertz, Harold Laski, Heinrich Mann, Thomas Mann, Ludwig Quidde, Ernst Rosenbusch, Kurt Rosenfeld, Hein van Wijk, Herman Wiardi Beckman and others 1933-1936; correspondence by Hilde Walter with Willy Brandt during his stay in Norway and with Frede Castberg, Mimi Sverdrup-Lunden and other Norwegians 1935-1936; two letters from Carl von Ossietzky to his family 1934, 1936; documents on the imprisonment of Von Ossietzky and on the campaign to release him and to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize 1935-1936; documents sent to the Nobel Prize Committee 1936; press clippings, pamphlets and other printed material 1934-1936; articles by Hilde Walter on Von Ossietzky 1961-1969.

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