Boris Souvarine Papers

Letters from B.I. Nikolaevskij . 1940-1965. 1 folder
Letters from B.I. Nikolaevskij on the beginning of Soviet activities in Geneva (Switzerland) and the early history of the COMINTERN . With typescripts of articles. [1964], n.d. 1 folder
Correspondence about the archives of the German social democratic party, including letters from B.I. Nikolaevskij and Paul Mayer , reprint of an article by Lidija Dan and a photocopy of a letter from the director of the French army museum to the French minister of education and arts. 1933, 1960-1965. 1 folder
Typescript, reprint and clippings of articles written by B.I. Nikolaevskij. 1940-1953. 1 folder
Biographical notes by B.I. Nikolaevskij. With clippings of articles and an obituary on B.I. Nikolaevskij. 1966. 1 cover
Correspondence with N.W. Posthumus , director of the IISH. 1948-1953. 1 folder
Correspondence with A. Adama van Scheltema , librarian of the IISH. 1939-1950. 1 folder
Correspondence with the IISH, including a list of members of the committee of the IISH, memorandum on the losses of the IISH during the Second World War, list of periodicals from the period 1830-1850 sent by the IISH to Paris in 1940 and clippings. 1941-1959. 1 folder
List of documents sent from Amsterdam to Paris in March 1940. 1 folder
Photocopy of a letter to Ida Lazarévich, including a list of correspondence about German robbery and a declaration by Lilija Dalin , staff member of the IISH, regarding the loss of archives in 1940. 1964-1965. 1 folder
Letters from Gleb Struve to Souvarine , including letters addressed to C. Pomerantseff . With clippings and other documents on Petr Struve . 1922-1931, 1958-1975. 1 folder
File on Ilya Ehrenburg , including a photocopy of a manuscript by Ilya Ehrenburg , stencilled translation of parts of Ehrenburgs' 'People, Years and Life', reprints of articles, clippings and handwritten notes by Souvarine . ( 1916 ) 1950-1967. 1 folder
Typescripts of short stories written by I. Ehrenburg . NB. In Russian. 1 folder
File on Isaac Babel , including typewritten copies of articles and handwritten notes. 1961-1978. 1 folder
File on the ' Rote Kapelle '. With photocopies of a research report made by the French ministry of the interior, a speech by J. Rochet and clippings. 1955-1975. 2 folders
File on Rudolf Roessler . With clippings and hand-written notes. 1953, 1967. 1 cover
File on the Socialist International 's position to the divided Russian Social Democratic Party and social movements in Russia and Poland. With handwritten notes, correspondence and clippings. 1914. 1 folder
Clippings of articles by Alexander Foote on the Soviet secret service. 1944, 1955. 1 cover
Clippings from the newspaper Poslednija Novosti (The Latest News), published in France, regarding the Russian emigration, Soviet and international politics, poetry, theatre, film and music. 1921. 34 folders

NB. In Russian language.

July-September 1931
Fragment of a list of publications by various authors. N.d. 1 folder
Typewritten proceedings of a conference of Swiss groups of socialists. N.d. With a printed program of the Partija Socialistov-Revoljucionerov (Russian Party of Socialist-revolutionaries) , n.d. and a copy of an article by N. Paramanov . 1905. 1 folder
Leaflets of the Association Ukrainienne en France and of the Comité de Solidarité avec les Travailleurs Polonais . 1976-1977 and n.d. 1 folder
Programs of cultural manifestations in Paris and Moscow. 1912 and n.d. 1 folder
Bulletins of the underground press of the Vseobščij Jevrejskij Rabočij Sojuz (General Union of Hebrew Workers) in Russia and Poland. c. 1901. 1 folder
Copies of the periodical Dnevnik socialdemokrata (Diary of a Social Democrat), directed by G.V. Plechanov . 1909-1911. 1 folder

N.B. Duplicates of this periodical have been transferred to the library of the IISH.

Announcements of lectures by Lenin , Trotsky , Plechanov , Lunačarskij and other Russian Social Democrats in France. 1907-1910. 1 folder
Pamphlets and leaflets of the Russian Social Democratic Party . 1897-1913. 1 folder
Copies of printed portraits of leading persons of the Russian and world revolutionary movement. 1 folder

NB. Duplicates of these portraits have been transferred to the audiovisual department of the IISH.

Postcards on the Russian revolutionary movement (in particular regarding the mutiny on the Potemkin). c.  1900. 1 folder

NB. Duplicates of these postcards have been transferred to the audiovisual department of the IISH.