Jules Prudhommeaux Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Born in Chevennes, France 1869, died in Versailles 1948; historian, militant pacifist and cooperator; between 1896 and 1909 teacher in Montluçon, Nîmes, Sens and Versailles; one of the founders of the Jeunes Amis de la Paix in Nîmes in 1887; from 1904 secretary of the Association de la Paix par le Droit in Nîmes; secretary of the cooperative L'Économe in Sens in 1909; in Versailles, member of the local cooperative; married Marie-Jeanne Dallet, a cousin of the wife of Jean-Baptiste Godin, founder of the Familistère stove manufactory in Guise which after Godin's death became a commune co-owned by its personnel; Prudhommeaux represented family interests in its board; in 1919 secretary, and soon director of the Centre Européen de la Fondation Carnegie; member of the Société d'Études coopératives in 1921; active in the Rassemblement Universel pour la Paix (RUP) 1936-1939; president of the Ligue des Droits de l'Homme, Versailles section; founder/member of the Association Française des Amis de la Coopération in 1946; author of the acclaimed thesis `Icarie et son fondateur Etienne Cabet' 1907.


Personal papers: some correspondence and personal documents 1888-1890 (-1925); some correspondence, notes and articles relating to the administration of the Familistère 1917-1922; correspondence, manuscripts, drafts, transcripts and other documents relating to publications on the Familistère and Jean-Baptiste Godin, Etienne Cabet, Victor Considérant, Robert Owen, communities in the USA, in particular the Oneida Community, cooperatives and other subjects 1832-1833, 1871-1912, 1919; documents relating to the Association de la Paix par le Droit, the Centre Européen de la Fondation Carnegie, the Union des Coopérateurs, the RUP and the Association Française des Amis de la Coopération 1912, 1930-1946; pamphlets, articles and other printed material relating to communities and colonies and their founders in the USA, Latin America and Europe 1826, 1844-1937 (-1975); printed material on cooperatives 1907-1937 and other subjects. The Familistère and Jean-Baptiste Godin: documents relating to the origin and history of the Familistère 1837-1899; minutes of conferences written by Godin 1861; letterbook 1877-1879; file on a lawsuit by Emile Godin against his father 1874, 1879, 1888; some correspondence and manuscripts by, and other documents of members of the Godin family and the Dallet family 1886, 1890, 1897-1912 (-1936).

Processing Information

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