Archives Ida Markovna Lazarevič

Letters to Ida Mett en N. Lazaréwitch . Photographs.
Manuscripts (probably) by Ida Mett .
Manuscripts by Ida Mett . "Dossier université" of Ida Mett (including a few personal data).
Exercise booklets with notes by Ida Mett . Exercise booklets with notes by N. Lazaréwitch .
Notes, etc., by N. Lazaréwitch.
Manuscripts by others.
Typescript of the memoirs of Nestor Machno (in French). Various translations, and articles copied from magazines.
Card-index boxes.
Letters and other documents of the Wulfert family. Diaries of Boris Wulfert 1921-1940.
Diaries 1940-c. 1963 and miscellanea of Boris Wulfert .