Archives Ida Markovna Lazarevič

Biographical / Historical Note

Ida Mett: pseudonym of Ida Lazarévitch-Gilman, born in Smorgon', Russia 1901, died in Paris 1973; militant anarchist; studied medicine; moved in libertarian circles in Moscow, was arrested 1924; managed to escape via Poland to Paris in 1925, where she helped to edit Delo Truda with Volin and Petr Aršinov 1925-1927; Nicolas Lazarévitch: born in Jupille-sur-Meuse, Belgium 1895, from Russian parents, died in Paris 1975; militant anarcho-syndicalist; abandoned his studies in 1911 and chose a worker's life; joined the Red Army 1919; imprisoned 1924, deported 1926; Mett and Lazarévitch met and became companions, while both working in the Delo Truda group in Paris 1926-1927; expelled from France 1928, they lived (apart from short periods in France and Spain) in Belgium till 1936, where they met Francisco Ascaso and Buenaventura Durruti; eventually they returned to Paris in 1936 where Lazarévitch was interned in 1939, Mett in 1940; in 1948 Mett's `La Commune de Cronstadt' was published and her `Souvenirs sur Nestor Makhno' in 1983.


Letters to Ida Mett and Nicolas Lazarévitch (1934-) 1956-1974; manuscripts by Ida Mett; exercise booklets with notes by Ida Mett; exercise booklets with notes by Nicolas Lazarévitch; diaries of their relative Boris Wulfert-Pokitonov 1921-1963; the I. en N. Lazaréwitch papers were bought from Marc Lazaréwitch in Gagny, France, in 1988.