Petr Lavrovič Lavrov Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Born in Pskov province, Russia 1823, died in Paris 1900; scholar and historian of human thought, social activist and editor of Vpered!, internationally renowned emigré radical.


From the Rossijskij Gosudarstvennyj Archiv Literatury i Iskusstva (RGALI): letters to Nikolaj A. Gernet; article on 'Utilitarianism' by John Stuart Mill.

From the Gosudarstvennyj Archiv Rossijskoj Federacii (GARF): autobiographical notes; letters from L. Gol'denberg, from Petr A. Kropotkin and others; letters by Lavrov to Kropotkin.

From the Glavnoe archivnoe upravlenie pri Sovete Ministrov SSSR, today Gosudarstvennyj Archiv Rossijskoj Federacii (GARF) Fonds 1762 (Lavrov): 197, letters of Rozalija Christoforovna Idel'son to Lavrov (28 shots); 112, letters of Lev Savel'evič Ginzburg tot Lavrov (24 shots); letters of German Aleksandrovič Lopatin to Lavrov (84 shots); letters of Sergej Andreevič Podolinskij to Lavrov (190 shots); letters of Valerian Nikolaevič Smirnov to Lavrov (20 shots) c. 1872-1885.

Location of Originals

Originals at the RGALI and at the GARF, both in Moscow.