Karl Kuntze Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Born in Schivelbein, Germany 1909; member of the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD), of the socialist student union in Frankfurt am Main 1929-1931; teacher at the experimental Karl Marx-Schule in 1931; close to the left-communist ideas of Karl Schröder; member of the Sozialwissenschaftliche Vereinigung in 1927 and the Rote Kämpfer group; convicted for clandestine antifascist activities in 1934; forced to serve in the `Strafdivision 999', taken prisoner in Africa in 1943 and transferred to the USA; teacher in war prisoners camps, also organized antifascist activities; member of the editorial staff of Der Ruf 1945; returned to Germany in 1946 and employed as head of the educational department of the Süddeutsche Rundfunk 1946-1951; teacher, later inspector of schools in Baden-Württemberg 1952-1972.


Diary kept as a member of the `Strafdivision 999' and as a prisoner of war 1943-1944 (shortened version), typescript `Sie nannten es Verrat. Als Anti-Nazi in amerikanischer Kriegsgefangenenlagern. Tagebuch 1943-1946' (reedited c. 1980); file, mainly consisting of correspondence, leaflets and some statements of Kuntze, relating to the situation of the German war prisoners in Camp Breckinridge, Kentucky, USA, the role of Kuntze as spokesman and the conflicts in the camp between Nazis and antifascists; file relating to the situation in Camp Campbell, Kentucky, especially set up for German anti-Nazi oriented war prisoners, and the conflicts there between members of the Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands and others 1943-1945; printed material: periodicals for German war prisoners in the USA 1944-1945, press clippings of articles by Heinz Schröder with memories of `division 999' 1977.

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List made by Götz Langkau in 1987

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