Henry Jacoby Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Pseudonym: Sebastian Franck; born in Berlin 1905, died in Geneva 1986; trained commercially and as a social worker; member of the anarchist-pacifist Freie Jugend from 1924; cooperated with Ernst Friedrich and his Anti-Kriegsmuseum; influenced by Alfred Adler's 'Individualpsychologie'; maintained contact with Alice and Otto Rühle; joined the Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands (KPD) in 1930; worked illegally after the Nazi take-over with the dissident communist Landau group, was arrested and served two-and-a-half years hard labour; emigrated to Prague in 1936, then to Paris; member of the Funken-Gruppe and contributor to their Der Funke and Kritische Parteistimme; emigrated to New York, worked with the Office of Strategic Studies (OSS) from 1943 and contributed to The Call and Politics; employed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 1946-1968, eventually as head of its Geneva office; contributed to the independent socialist Funken 1950-1958 as Sebastian Franck and published the autobiographical works 'Von Kaisers Schule zu Hitlers Zuchthaus' 1980 and 'Davongekommen. 10 Jahre Exil' 1982.


Correspondence with Lewis and Rose Coser 1963-1983, Paul and Rosi Frölich 1947-1985, Hanna Grunwald 1974-1986 and others; files on various subjects, including psychology 1924-1973, Ernst Friedrich 1936-1977 and n.d., Otto Rühle 1945-1973 and n.d.; manuscript of `Begegnung mit Paul Frölich' n.d.; printed material consisting of pamphlets, copies of periodicals, separate prints and clippings (partly photocopies) 1903-1986 and n.d.