Collection Israeli Peace Movement

Shalom Achshav (Peace Now). Including Et Shalom (Time for Peace). 1978-1993. 9 folders
Gush Shalom (the Peace Block; unofficial continuation of the Anti-Deportation Committee). 1993. 2 folders
Yesh Gvul (There is a limit). 1987-1992. 3 folders
Israeli Council for Israeli Palestinian Peace (ICIPP). Including documents relating to The Other Israel and some correspondence by Adam Keller. 1983-1993. 3 folders
War Resisters' International Israel Section. 1987-1992. Including correspondence by Toma Sik (r Shick). 1990-1991. 1 folder
High school students refusing military service in occupied territories. 1987-1992. 1 folder
Documents relating to the imprisonment of the conscientious objectors Adam Keller and Ephraim Shirman. 1988-1990. 1 folder
World Service Authority (WSA). Including documents relating to 'world citizenship'. 1973,1987-1991. 1 folder
Other pacifist groups: Israelis and Palestinians for Nonviolence, 1991; Nonviolent Opposition to Annexation, n.d.; Pacifist Youth and other groups. 1988-1992. 1 folder
Tzav Kriah (Reserve soldiers' Group). Including documents relating to the soldiers' discontent. 1988-1993. 1 folder
The 21st Year. 1987-1989. 1 folder
Anti-Gulf war actions, including solidarity with the Kurds. 1990-1991. 2 folders
Unveiling Intifada Monument near the Kibbutz Nahal-Oz. 1990. 1 folder
Israeli-Palestinian demonstration in Beit Sahur. 1991. 1 folder
Protest against Ramallah Curfew. 1991. 1 folder
Solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike. 1992. 1 folder
Protest against the closure of the occupied territories. 1993. 1 folder
Other demonstrations, ad-hoc actions and committees, including letters to newspapers. [1979],1981-1993. 3 folders
Ramya Solidarity Committee. 1992. 1 folder
Jewish Arab Committee against deportation. 1992-1993. 2 folders
Israeli Arab organizations. Including documents relating to the Land Day of 1988. 1988-1992. 1 folder
Other documents on Arab-Jewish Cooperation. Including Partnership Newsletter. (1979-)1986-1993. 1 folder
Al-Haq (Law in the Service of Man), the Union of Palestinian Women's Committees in the Occupied Land, the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee and other Palestinian organizations. 1985-1992. 2 folders
Committee for Israeli-Palestinian dialogue. 1986-1992. 1 folder
Committee to save the dialogue. 1986-1989. 1 folder
Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI). 1991. 1 folder
Contacts with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). 1989-1993. 1 folder
Solidarity with Abie Nathan and David Ish-Shalom, imprisoned because of their contacts with the PLO. 1991-1992. 1 folder
Haolam Hazeh. 1965-1977. 1 folder
Sheli, the Israel Peace and Equality Movement. 1977-1983. 1 folder
Progressive List for Peace (PLP). 1984-1992. 4 folders
Israel Labour Party. c. 1988-1992. 3 folders
Communist Party of Israel (CPI). Including Hadash, Democratic Front for Peace and Equality. (1981-)1988-1992. 9 folders
Other CPI front organizations. 1984-1992. 1 folder

NB. See also Democratic Women of Israel.

Meretz. 1992-1993. Including Mapam, Ratz and Shinuy. 1989-1991. 7 folders
Shasi. 1987-1992. 2 folders
Dai la 'Kibush. 1988-1993. 1 folder
Poalim Yahad (Workers' Unity). 1991. 1 folder
Trotskyist organizations. Including Brit Shivyon and the Alternative Information Centre. [1987]-1993. 1 folder
Other left radical parties and groups including the Hanitzotz a Sharara publishing house. 1987-1993. 2 folders
'Constitution for Israel' movement and the electoral reform movement. 1987-1993. 2 folders
Likud, the Jewish Defense Organization and other right wing organizations, including Jewish Peace Corps. 1984,1988-1989,1992 and n.d. 1 folder
Histadrut, General Federation of Labour in Israel. 1982-1993. 3 boxes
Kav La'Oved, Workers' Hotline for the Protection of Workers' Rights. [1990]-1993. 1 folder
Campus, Ad Kan (Thus far!), Forum, Arab Students' Committee, Tzavta and other student organizations. 1977-1992. 2 folders
Jerusalem University Student Union. 1993 and n.d. 1 folder
Tel Aviv University Student Union. 1981-1991. 4 folders
Re'ut, Israeli Jewish and Arab Youth for Peace and Equality and other youth organizations. 1987-1990 and n.d. 1 folder
Women in Black. 1989-1993. 1 folder
Womens' Organization for Political Prisoners. 1988-1992. 1 folder
Democratic Women of Israel (affiliated to the CPI). 1983,1988-1993. 1 folder
Feminist groups. 1987-1991. 1 folder
Women and Peace and other womens' groups. 1988-1993. 4 folders
Artists' organizations and theatre groups. 1987-1993. 1 folder
Association for Civil Rights in Israel. 1987-1993. 1 folder
Amnesty International Israel Section. 1987. 1 folder
B'tselem. The Israeli Information Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. 1990-1993. 1 folder
Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI). 1990-1993. 1 folder
Family Reunification Groups. 1990-1992. 1 folder
Association of Israeli and Palestinian Physicians for Human Rights. 1991-1993. 1 folder
IMUT. Psychologists and Mental Health Workers for Peace. 1991. 1 folder
League for Human and Civil Rights in Israel. 1982,1988. 1 folder
'Protagoras' (Gaza Human Rights Team). 1989. 1 folder
Coalition for Freedom of Assembly. 1989. 1 folder
Other human rights activities: Police Brutality Hotline, 1986-1991; Concert for Human Rights, 1991; Anti-Censorship struggle, n.d.; In Defence of Children under Occupation. 1992. 2 folders
Hofesh (Liberty) and other groups against religious coercion. 1990 and n.d. 1 folder
The Secular Service and the Secular Humanist Association. 1987-1992. 1 folder
Ha'tuuna (the Enlightment). 1993. 1 folder
Oz VeShalom (Religious Peace Movement) and Rabbis for Human Rights. 1989. Also: Lebowitz affair. 1993. 1 folder
International Centre for Peace in the Middle East. 1987-1990. 1 folder
Mifras Books and other left publishing houses. 1983-1984 and n.d. 1 folder
Kibbutz publications. 1989-1990. 1 folder
New Outlook. Middle East Monthly. Including Israeli- Palestinian Conference in New York organized by New Outlook and Al Fasr in 1989.1989-1991. 1 folder
Medorim (left advertising agency). 1989. 1 folder
Teachers for Democracy. 1989. 1 folder
Israeli National Movement. 1992. 1 folder
Petitions to Mr. Rabin backed by different peace groups. 1992-1993. 1 folder
Young leadership Forum. 1991. 1 folder
Interfaith Association. 1988. 1 folder
Horim Neged Sh'hika (Parents against Attrition). 1988-1991. 1 folder
Guardianship Service. N.d. 1 folder
'Democracy and Coexistence'. Unit of the Ministry of Education. 1992. 1 folder
Other actions or protests by moderate groups and individuals. [1988]-1992. 1 folder
Protests of Ethiopian Jews. 1993. 1 folder
Other social issues. [1976-],1987-1993. 1 folder
The 'Hidden Child' Conference. 1991. 1 folder
Youth against racism. 1986. 1 folder
Movement against racism. 1984-1987. 1 folder
Other anti-racist initiatives including the Association of Anti-Nazi Veterans in Israel. 1985. 1 folder
Solidarity campaigns with Mordechai Vanunu. 1990. Also: disarmament initiatives (Toma Schück). 1 folder
Israelis against Apartheid and other solidarity organizations. 1981-1993. 1 folder
Action against deportation of Russian Jews from Holland to Israel. Including correspondence by the International Jewish Peace Union, Adam Keller, Beate Zilversmidt and others. 1991-1992. 4 folders
Organizations in other countries, including the United Nations. (1976-)1983-1993. 1 box
Shalom Achshav (Peace Now). 1993-1994. 2 folders
Gush Shalom (the Peace Block). 1993-1994. 3 folders
Yesh Gvul. 1 folder
Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace. 1993-1994. 1 folder
War Resisters' International Israel Section. 1994. 1 folder
Soldiers' Discontent. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Demonstration of disabled veterans in support of the Oslo agreements. 1993. 1 folder
Amir Fares, the soldier who didn't shoot. 1994. 1 folder
Campaigns for the release of Palestinian Prisoners and the return of all deportees. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Actions against the closure of the occupied territories. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Protests against the Hebron Massacre at the 25th of February, 1994. Contains also documents relating to the Hebron Solidarity Committee. 1994. 3 folders
Actions in support of the peace process, the Oslo agreement and the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Relatives of dead soldiers supporting the peace process. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Other protest- and solidarity actions. 1992-1994. 1 folder
Land day 1994 in Rahat, Negev. 1 folder
'Rapprochement', Centre for Dialogue and Understanding. With documents on the Beit Sahur demonstration. 1993. 1 folder
Other joint Jewish-Arab actions. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Palestinian Federation of Women's Action Committees. 1994. 1 folder
Gaza trade unions. 1994. 1 folder
Committee for Israeli-Palestinian dialogue. 1992-1994. 1 folder
Giv'at Haviva, Jewish-Arab Institute (closely affiliated to Meretz). 1994. 1 folder
Meetings of Israelis with Y. Arafat in Gaza. 1994.
Gaza port initiative. 1994. 1 folder
Progressive List for Peace. N.d. 1 folder
Israeli Labour Party. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Communist Party of Israel, including Hadash, Democratic Front for Peace and Equality. 1993-1994. 2 folders
Meretz. 1994. Including Tzavta (cultural and political club, Tel Aviv). 1994. 1 folder
Dai la 'Kibush. 1993, n.d. 1 folder
Workers' unity. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Trotskyist organizations. Including Alternative Information Centre. 1994. 1 folder
Other left radical parties and groups. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Likud and other right wing organizations. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Histadrut, General federation of Labour in Israel. 1993-1994. 6 folders
Kav La 'Oved, Workers' Hotline for the Protection of Workers' Rights. 1994. 1 folder
Campus. 1994. 1 folder
Re'ut/Sadaka, Israeli and Arab Youth for Peace and Equality and other youth organizations. 1993-1994. 2 folders
Women in Black. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Women for political prisoners. 1994. 1 folder
Democratic Women (affiliated to the CPI). 1994. 1 folder
Women & Peace and other women organizations including documents on the Ihlas Basam murder. 1994. 1 folder
Joint Israeli-Palestinian theatre Production of Romeo and Juliet in Jerusalem and other peace oriented theatre, movies and singers. 1994. 1 folder
Controversy on Vanessa Redgrave 's visit to Israel. 1994. 1 folder
Association for Civil Rights in Israel. 1994. 1 folder
Amnesty International. 1994. 1 folder
B'tselem. The Israeli Information Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Association of Israeli and Palestinian Physicians for Human Rights. 1994. 1 folder
Society of St. Ives.
Hofesh (Liberty). 1994. 1 folder
Netivot Shalom and other religious groups. 1994. 1 folder
Islamic movement in Israel. 1994. 1 folder
International Centre for Peace. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Humanist Opposition. 1991,1993-1994. 1 folder
Kibbutz movement. 1993. 1 folder
Settlers accepting evacuation from occupied territories. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Rafi Hassun (Druze community struggle). 1994. 1 folder
Jahalin Solidarity and the Bedouin struggle. 1993-1994. 2 folders
Other social issues. 1994. 1 folder
Green action and other environmental issues, including animal rights groups. 1994.
Association of Anti-Fascists and Victims of Nazism in Israel. 1994. 1 folder

NB. Formerly linked to CPI, now independent.

Vanunu Solidarity Committee. 1992-1994. 1 folder
Israel-Cuba Friendship Committee (affiliated to the CPI). 1994. 1 folder
South Africa Victory Celebration in Tel Aviv. 1994. 1 folder
Solidarity with Brazilian Indian tribes. 1 folder
Solidarity with the people of former Yugoslavia. 1992-1993. 1 folder
Organizations in other countries, interested in the problems of the Middle East. 1991-1994. 2 folders
Shalom Achshav (Peace Now). 1993-1999. 7 folders
Gush Shalom (the Peace Block; unofficial continuation of the Anti-Deportation Committee), including documents relating to the Jerusalem campaign (list no. 246). 1993-1999. 14 folders
Yesh Gvul (There is a Limit). 1992-1997. 5 folders
Israeli Council for Israeli Palestinian Peace (ICIPP), including documents relating to The Other Israel and some correspondence by Adam Keller. 1992-1997. 7 folders
Bereaved parents for peace. 1995-1996,1999. 1 cover
Bat Shalom (Jerusalem link). 1 cover
Atid (Future), movement to promote the peace process (existed only briefly). 1994. 1 cover
Jerusalem-two capitals demo 6/97. 1997. 1 cover
Alternative Information Center (AIC). 1994-1997. 1 folder
Amir Avramson (Victims of terrorism support peace) 1995. 1 cover
Gesher Leshalom (Bridge for Peace) and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WLPF), Israel Branch. June 1989. 1 cover
Dor Shalom (Peace Generation). 1995-1999. 1 folder
Other peace organizations. 1988-1991,1993,1997. 1 folder
War Resisters' International (WRI), Israel Section, including World Citizen Movement and Toma Sik. 1993-1997. 1 folder
Campaign for E. Shirman. 1988-1989. 1 folder
Soldiers' discontent and lack of motivation. With reactions by the military and political establishment. 1995-1997. 2 covers
Conscientious Objectors Association, including Maxim Shkliar hunger strike. 1995-1996. 1 folder
Other documents concerning conscientious objectors. 1995-1997. 1 folder
Palestinians and Israeli's for non-violence. 1994. 1 cover
Pacifist Movement, World Citizens and Oceanus, all groups headed by Toma Sik. 1995. 1 cover
Har Homa protests (campaign against settlements in Har Homa, East Jerusalem), including Non-Violent Action (Maxine Nunn). 1991,1995-1997. 1 folder
Committee against house demolitions. 1996-1999. 1 folder
Confrontations between left and right wing until the Rabin murder in 1995. 1 cover

NB. See also Labour Party, Meretz and Peace Now. 1995

Reactions to terrorist attacks. 1995-1997. 1 cover

NB. See also Gush Shalom, Peace Now, Meretz.

Anti-settler stickers distributed by studio Rami & Jackie, Jerusalem. 1994. 1 cover
Team for monitoring of settlements and extreme Shalom and Peace Now. 1995-1996. 1 cover
Peace rally on 4th November 1995, which ended in the murder of Rabin. 1995. 1 cover
Commemoration of the Kafr-Quasem massacre. October 1996. 1 cover
Makor, an alternative plan for Har Homa in Jerusalem: joint neighbourhood of Jews and Arabs instead of exclusive jewish settlement. 1995. 1 cover
Documents concerning the Hebron protests and the Hebron Solidarity Committee. 1994-1999. 1 box
Demonstrations and protests against settlement in Ras El-Amud, East Jerusalem. 1997. 1 folder
Protests against land confiscations at Beit Safafa, Jerusalem, including Gush Shalom action. 1995. 1 cover
Bethlehem demonstration against land confiscation, including documents of the latin patriarchate, Jerusalem. 1995. 1 cover
Bethlehem settlement alert, including Gush Shalom and Meretz. 1995,1997. 1 cover
Protests against demolition of Palestinian houses. 1994-1996. 1 cover
Protests by various groups against closure of Palestinian territories. 1995-1996. 2 covers
Demonstration against closure of Palestinian territories in april 1995, including Gush Shalom, Alternative Information Center (AIC) and the Palestinian movement for housing rights. 1995. 1 cover
Protests against the bill to deprive Palestinians of compensations. 1997. 1 cover
Campaign for the return of Arab inhabitants to Ikrit village in the Galilee. 1995. 1 cover
Jerusalem action week, involving Palestinian housing rights movement and the Alternative Information Center. 1995. 1 cover
Demonstrations at El-Khader. 1995,1997. 1 folder
Actions for withdrawal from Lebanon. 1997-1999. 1 folder
Campaign against Lebanon bombing. 1993,1996. 1 folder
Protests at the impending prosecution of Ahmed Tibi, Arafat adviser. 1995. 1 cover
Painting on tanks as anti-militarist protest. 1988,1995. 1 cover
Peace actions by Abie Nathan, including destruction of war toys. 1995-1996. 1 cover
Demonstrations for the release of Palestinian prisoners. 1997. 1 cover
Petition against the law forbidding meetings with the PLO. 1998. 1 cover
Demonstrations for the continuance of the peace process despite terrorists attacks, including statements by different organizations. 1995-1996. 1 cover
Campaign against the prohibition of Israelis to enter the Gaza strip. 1995-1996. 1 cover
Protests against Netanyahu's attack on the left, including a reserve soldiers letter against Netanyahu. 1997. 1 folder
Documents concerning the Anti-Netanyahu campaigns. 1996-1999. 1 folder
Committee for investigating the Bar-on corruption scandal, later renamed as early elections movement headed by Michael Ben Yair. 1997. 1 cover
Walk for peace in the Middle East. 1993. 1 cover
Anti-Gulf war struggle. 1990. 1 cover
Rabin memorial meetings, after the murder of Rabin in 1995, including leaflets by various groups and messages written spontaneously. With organizations created in the aftermath of the death of Rabin and dialogue initiatives. 1995. 2 folders
Organizations created after the Rabin murder. 1995-1997. 1 folder
Documents concerning the Rabin Memorial in 1996. 1 folder
Documents concerning the Rabin memorials. 1996-1998. 1 folder
Documents concerning the Rabin memorial in 1997. 1 box
Palestine-Israel Journal. 1995. 1 cover
Israeli-Palestinian rally at Megiddo on 30th. November 1996 (unofficially organised by Hadash). 1996. 1 cover
Giv'at Haviva Jewish-Arab Institute (close to Meretz). 1997. 1 cover
El-Khader struggle against land confiscation. 1994-1995. 1 cover

NB. See also Gush Shalom, Alternative Information Center and Hebron Solidarity Committee.

Rapprochement. 1993-1994,1996. 1 folder
Other Joint Jewish Arab actions, including Ramya Solidarity Committee. 1991-1992,1997. 1 folder
Protests against inequality of Arab citizens, including the general conference of Israelian Arabs in Nazareth. 1996. 1 cover
Islamic movement in Israel. 1994. 1 cover
Jaffa Arabs protests, including the protest over jewish religious extremists attacking the Jaffa church. 1995-1996. 1 folder
Al-Haq (Law in the Service of Man), the Federation of Palestinian Women's Action Committees in the Occupied Land and other Palestinian organizations. 1992-1997. 2 folders
Law (Palestinian Human Rights Organization). 1993,1996-1999. 1 folder
Palestinian Centre for Democracy and Elections. 1996. 1 folder
Palestinian Centre for Non-Violence. 1996. 1 cover
Palestinian Centre for Democracy and Workers Rights. 1995. 1 cover
Other Palestinian organizations and initiatives, including organizations for prisoners. 1994-1997. 1 folder
Other Palestinian material. N.d. 1 folder
Committee for Israeli-Palestinian dialogue. 1992-1996. 1 folder
Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI). 1992,1996. 1 folder
Contacts with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), including documents on the 10th anniversary of the meeting of an Israeli delegation with the PLO in Rumania in 1986. 1993-1994,1996. 1 folder
Initiatives for dialogues and meetings between Jews and Arabs, including meetings with settlers and other personal contacts. 1994-1997. 1 folder
Gaza port initiative. 1988-1994. 1 folder
Non-governmental contacts with Jordan and Egypt, including ASAS (for democracy and peace), Irbid, Jordan. 1994-1997. 1 cover
Progressive List for Peace (PLP). 1984-1990. 1 folder
Israel Labour Party. 1993-1999. 1 box
Hadash, Democratic Front for Peace and Equality. 1995-1999. With documents concerning the communist party, `Left 2000', discussion group March 1996 and the Left Bank Cultural Club, Tel-Aviv. 1991-1994. 2 boxes
Meretz. 1987-1999. With documents concerning Mapam, Ratz and the Tzauta Culture Club. 2 boxes
Dai la Kibush (Down with the occupation). 1987-1993. 1 cover
Mifleget ha'hityashuut (Anti-Bank Party) in the 1996 elections. 1 cover
The Peres Center for Peace. 1997. 1 cover
Ha'rov Hamitorer (The awakening majority). 1995-1996. 1 cover
Am Ehad (One people), worker's party. 1999. 1 cover
Campaign to save Davar newspaper (formely a Histadrut newspaper, in its last year an independent left-wing paper). 1996. 1 cover
Poalim Yahad (Workers' Unity). 1991. 1 folder
Trotskyist organizations, including Brit Shivyon and the Alternative Information Centre. 1993-1995. 1 folder
Other left radical parties and groups, including documents of the Hanitzotz a Sharara publishing house. 1994-1999. 1 folder
Radical Social Movements including the Oriental jewish democratic rainbow, Kedma-egalitarian education and Lachatz. 1994-1997. 1 cover
Yisrael Ba'altyah Yisrael Betenu (Russian immigrant parties). 1996. 1 cover
Mabat Lashalom (Peace Watch). Right-wing organization pretending to support peace. 1993-1996. 1 cover
Left-Right dialogue 1996.1996. 1 cover

NB. See also Women in Black.

Israeli National Movement. N.d. 1 cover
Association of Anti-fascists and Victims of nazism (connected with the communist party). 1996. 1 cover
Anarchist groups, including the Anarchist Brigade of Upper Galilee and Doctor Grass. 1995-1997. 1 folder
Memad Party (religious doves). 1995. 1 cover
Gesher Party, headed by David Levy. 1995-1999. 1 cover
Right wing propaganda against the left and the Palestinians, including Likud, Pro-Settlergroups, right wing religious groups, Kabalists, Third Way and Kahane. 1994-1999. 3 boxes
Histadrut, General Federation of Labour in Israel , including documents concerning the 17th conference: draft resolutions and unofficial papers of factions. 1992-1997. 2 boxes
Police officers' Recreational Association. 1995. 1 cover
Communication Workers' Union. 1997. 1 cover
Municipal Workers' Union, Tel-Aviv. 1995. 1 cover
Ram (Histadrut faction of Chaim Ramon). 1995. 1 cover
Kav La'Oved, Workers' Hotline for the Protection of Workers' Rights. 1992-1999. 1 folder
Hotline-Hamoked, Center for defence of the (Palestinian) individual (Israeli-operated institute in East Jerusalem to help victims of the occupation bureacracy). 1991. 1 cover
The arrest of Adel Shadid. 1997. 1 cover
Palestinian workers in Israel: the case of Adel Shadid. August 1994. 1 cover
Ad Kan (university lectures). 1993. 1 folder
Strike by junior staff Tel Aviv University. 1997. 1 folder
Strike by Tel Aviv University Academic Staff. 1997. 1 folder
Campus, a Jewish-Arab student group at Tel Aviv University. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Academic discussion of the peace process at the University of Tel Aviv. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Left wing students, including Campus and Arab students committees. 1995-1997. 1 folder
Radical students. N.d. 1 cover
Highschool pupils' protest letter to Netanyanu. November 1996. 1 cover
Other publications concerning students. N.d. 1 folder
Re'ut, Israeli Jewish and Arab Youth for Peace and Equality and other youth organizations. 1993-1996. 1 folder
Commando Emil Grunzweig, friends of Ilan Halevy (radical youth group, existed only briefly). 1996. 1 cover
Rosh 1 (youth magazine). 1997. 1 cover
Women in Black. 1993- 1995. 1 folder
Womens' Organization for Political Prisoners. 1994-1999. 1 folder
The Jerusalem link, Bat Shalom and Jerusalem center for Palestinian Women in East Jerusalem. 1996-1997. 2 folders
Democratic Women of Israel (affiliated to the CPI). 1994-1996. 1 folder
Feminist groups, including gays and lesbians. 1987-1991. 1 folder
Women and Peace and other women's groups and organizations. 1994-1996. 2 folders
Left Bank Culture Club. 1996. 1 cover
`On the Edge of Peace', film made in Israeli-Palestinian co-production. 1995. 1 cover
Peace-related cultural institutions and events. 1994-1995. 1 folder
Memorial to the poet Emile Habibi, Tzauta Club, Tel Aviv, including other documents concerning the Tzauta Culture Club and Theatre in Tel Aviv. 1996. 1 folder
General Union of Writers (affiliated to Histadrut) and the Hebrew Writers Union. 1996-1997. 1 cover
Writer Dan Almagor's outcry against Intifada brutalities and attacks on him by extremists. 1988-1989. 1 cover
Assem Abu-Shakra, Israeli Arab painter. 1994-1995. 1 cover
International poets festival, Jerusalem. 1995. 1 cover
Art focus (Guy Raz's exhibition on the Intifada and Israeli society) and other progressive and peace-oriented art, theatre, film and literature. 1993-1997. 1 folder
Association for Civil Rights in Israel. 1995-1996. 1 folder
Amnesty International , Israel Section. 1992-1997. 1 folder
B'tselem, the Israeli Information Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. 1993-1999. 2 folders
Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI). 1993-1995. 2 folders
Association of Israeli and Palestinian Physicians for Human Rights. 1991-1999. 1 folder
Hamoked, Israeli Center in Jerusalem to help Palestinian individuals against bureaucratic harassment (works closely with Betselem, Physicians for human rights and Committee against torture). 1994. 1 folder
Other human rights activities: judicial struggle for public use of Arabic signs in upper Nazareth; police brutality testimonies; democracy foundation Be'er Sheva and Conference of human rights organizations in Tel Aviv. 1993-1997. 1 folder
Other documents concerning human rights. Includes the Israeli forum of NGO's (linked to U.N. division on Palestinian rights); Friends of the prisoner and detainee-Nareth 1995; Debate on prison reform 1994; Palestinian prisoners 1995; Egyptian soldier asking asylum in Israel august 1996; Law to deprive Palestinians of compensations; Coalition for freedom of information 1996 and Ikrit Refugees struggle to return to their village. 1995. 1 folder
Oz VeShalom (Religious Peace Movement) and Rabbis for Human Rights. Also: Interfaith prayer for peace and other religious groups. 1989-1997. 1 folder
Documents concerning the Mount Zion foundation of Messian Jews and Gesher (Dialogue between religious and secularists; not connected with other groups of the same name). 1994-1990. 1 folder
International Centre for Peace in the Middle East. 1994-1997. 1 folder
Humanist opposition, headed by Shalom Zamir. 1993-1999. 1 folder
Council for Peace and Security `Generals for peace'. 1986,1995-1996. 1 folder
Criticism of judges, including the Amos Kenan trial. 1995. 1 folder
Rafi Hason (Druze community struggle). 1993-1995. 1 folder
Unit for democratic education. 1993. 1 folder
Moderate settlers. 1993-1994. 1 folder
Challenge/Nitzotz/Democratic Action Committee/Baqa Cultural Center/A-Sabar (all names of essentially the same group). 1994-1996. 1 folder
Academic discussions of Middle East issues, including the Tel Aviv University-van Leer foundation and the Jerusalem-Moshe Dayan Center for Middle East studies. 1994-1997. 1 folder
Other documents concerning relatively moderate groups, including the Ha'daf Ha'yarok (The Green Page); Kibbutz Movement Magazine; The House of Hope; International Peace Center Sefa-amer Galilee; Disabled veterans supporting Oslo; Campaign to preserve Ministry of Education unit for democratic education 1997 and The Institute for Advancement of Education in Jaffa. 1993-1997. 1 folder
Kiryat Arba settlers wishing to leave. 1995. 1 cover
Haderech Lashalom (the Way to Peace): Golan settlers supporting withdrawal for peace. 1995-1997. 1 cover
Open letter to an Israeli soldier written by Marylene Shultz, French activist residing at Abu Dis, West Bank. 1997. 1 cover
Bibliography and articles of Uri Davis (veteran anti-zionist activist), including anti-zionist material from Australia. 1996. 1 cover
Reuven Kaminer: A Marxist Analysis of the Oslo agreements. 14th. September 1993. 1 cover
Shabtai Levy's private campaign for justice. 1995. 1 cover
Yitzchak Ben Aharon's controversial speech at Israel prize ceremony. May 1995. 1 cover
Jahalin Beduins struggle, including solidarity campaigns with the Jahalin Beduins and the St. Yves legal aid society. 1993-1999. 4 folders
Nes Amim village. 1998. 1 cover
Ha'lev (The Heart) movement against poverty and other social issues. 1992-1996. 1 folder
Environmental groups, including Holon inhabitants struggle against airplane noise, voluntary associations against drugs, stop road accidents in Jerusalem, bicycle ride from Israel to Jordan, the Anti-Vivisection Society, Green Peace, Animal Protection etc. 1997. 1 box
Citizens against racism, other initiatives against racism and anti-fascist groups. 1994-1997. 1 folder
Documents concerning the case of Mordechai Vanunu and other nuclear issues, with some documents on the campaign for Klingberg. 1994-1999. 1 folder
Controversies involving the activist Gideon. 1995. 1 cover
Solidarity with Kurdistan, South Africa, Brazilian Indians and former Yugoslavia. 1994. 1 folder
Action committee against a casino in Eilat. 1995. 1 cover
Center for the blind. 1996. 1 cover
Handicapped peoples' demo in Jerusalem in May 1999. 1 cover
Equal opportunities for people with disabilities. 1996. 1 cover
Controversy over killing of Egyptian POW's by Israeli soldiers during the 1956 war (including a hunger strike by youths demanding investigation. 1 cover
Organ donation campaigns. 1992-1997. 1 cover
Kidnapped Yemenite children affair (Rabbi uzi meshulan). N.d. 1 cover
Arrest of tax refuser Ohad Kamin. 1995. 2 covers
Aids Campaign 1997. 1 cover
Aids victims memorial. 1994. 1 cover
Otzma (Empowerment), Homosexuals and Lesbians Association 1995. 1 cover
Trancendental meditation. N.d. 1 cover
The assault of a right-winger on Knesset member Ya'el Dayan. 1996. 1 cover
Murad Marzuk, an Israeli childhood friend of Yasser Arafat. 1994. 1 cover
Public committee to commemorate the victory over fascist Germany (connected with the communist party). 1995. 1 cover
TNUFA (Momentum), Movement against fascism. 1994. 1 cover
Struggle against closing Davar newspaper, Tel-Aviv. 1995-1996. 1 cover
Pro-military group. 1996. 1 cover
Anti-abortion. N.d. 1 cover
Archeologists debate about legality of West Bank diggings. 1994. 1 folder
Middle East related organizations like The Middle East Watch (New York), Pax Christi, Human Right Watch, Amnesty International, the Anti-Zionist Committee (Australia) and other organizations. 1988,1992-1999. 6 folders
Personal papers of Adam Keller. 1995-1998. 1 box
Letters by peace activists to editors of Israeli and other newspapers, including letters by the Palestinian activist Naif Al Arjub to the Israeli press. 1991-1997. 1 box
Bereaved Parents for Peace. 1 folder
Council for Peace and Security. 1 folder
Commitee to Save the Peace Dialogue (CSPD). 1988-1989. 2 folders
Israeli-Arab Cooperation in the Business Community. 1993. 1 folder
Israeli Council for Israeli Palestinian Peace (ICIPP). 1983-2000. 1 box
The Other Israel (ICIPP publication). 1986-2007 and n.d. 30 boxes
Correspondence and other documents sorted by year. 1986-2007.
Correspondence and other documents not sorted by year. 1992-2007 and n.d.
Local and International Collaboration. 1994-1997. 1 folder
Ossim Shalom (Social workers for Peace and Social Welfare). 1998-2002. 1 folder
Peace Now. 1998-2005. 3 folders
Other documents concerning peace organizations. 1995-2004. 1 box
Refusnik Court materials. 2003. 2 boxes
Dissent and controversy in the army (other than refusal). 1 folder
The Hebron Deserters case. 1995. 1 folder
New Profile. 1 folder
The Shministim Letter (refusing to be conscripted into the IDF) and The Objectors' Parents Forum. 2002-2005 and n.d. 2 folders
Courage to Refuse (Ometz Lesarev). 2002-2005 and n.d. 1 folder
The Pilots' Letter. 2003 and n.d. 1 folder
Other groups. 2003-2004 and n.d. 5 folders
Demonstrations, protest- and solidarity actions: Against Halutz appointment as IDF Chief of Staff - Call for settlements eviction (by “Kol Ezracheya” Movement). 2002, 2004-2005.
  • Against Halutz appointment as IDF Chief of Staff. 2005.
  • Arun Gandhi’s visit. 2004.
  • Back to Israel. 2005.
  • Barghouti‘s trial. 2002.
  • Boycott on Israel. 2005.
  • Call for settlements eviction (by “Kol Ezracheya” Movement). 2005?
Demonstrations, protest- and solidarity actions: Campaign for settlers’ disarmament (by the “Courage to Refuse” movement) - Gaza disengagement, Gaza eviction. 1991, 1993-1994?, 1997, 1999, 2002, 2005.
  • Campaign for settlers’ disarmament (by the “Courage to Refuse” movement). 2005?
  • Controversial East Jerusalem settlements, Palestinian victims. 1991, 1994?, 1997,1999.
  • Demonstration against Operation “Homat Magen”. 2002.
  • Demo against the siege on the Mukata’a. 2002.
  • Demo for Deportees’ Return. 1993.
  • Gaza disengagement, Gaza eviction. 2004-2005 and n.d.
Demonstrations, protest- and solidarity actions: General Anti-Occupation Protest - Persecution of south Mt. Hebron inhabitants. [1985?], 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004-2005 and n.d.
  • General Anti-Occupation Protest. 2000, 2004 and n.d.
  • Hipardut, tzav8israel. 2002.
  • Israeli involvement in South Lebanon. 1985? and 1998.
  • The Killing in Shfaram. 2005.
  • Kotsrim Shalom – local peace event in Tivon. 1998.
  • Pal. Prisoners hunger strike. 2004.
  • Persecution of Bedouins. 2005.
  • Persecution of south Mt. Hebron inhabitants. 2004.
Demonstrations, protest- and solidarity actions: "Prisoners of the Occupation" - Road Blocks. 2000, 2002. 2004-2006.
  • “Prisoners of the Occupation”. 2002.
  • Protest against Second Lebanon War. 2006.
  • Public discussions following the October 2000 events. 2000.
  • Rafah / Gaza. 2004 and n.d.
  • Rave against the occupation. [2002?].
  • Road Blocks. 2005.
Separation-Wall: protests. 2003-2005 and n.d. 2 folders
Protest Against Israeli Involvement in Lebanon. 2 folders
Golan Heights Controversy. 1994-1999. 1 folder
Hebron Solidarity Committee. 1996-2000. 1 folder
Protest at Confiscatio of A-Ram Garbage Trucks. 2002. 1 folder
Separation Wall. Protests and information. Including AATW (Anarchists Against The Wall). 1 folder
Other demonstrations, protest- and solidarity actions. 2 boxes
Peace Now Demo. 2001. 1 folder
Peace Rally. April 2002. 1 folder
Peace Now Rally. May 2002. 1 folder
Rave against the Occupation. 2002. 1 folder
Labor Party Convention. 2002. 1 folder
Rabin Memorial. 2002. 1 folder
Pro-disengagement rally March 2005. 2005. 1 folder
Back to Israel rally June 2005. 2005. 1 folder
Activism Festival 2005. 2005. 4 folders
Demo Against Second Lebanon War. 2006. 1 folder
Rabin Memorial. 2006. 1 folder
Gay Pride 2007. 2007. 1 folder
40 Years of Occupation 2007. 2007. 1 folder
Joint Jewish-Arab organizations and actions: AIC – Alternative Information Center' - Windows – Channels for Communication (Halonot). 1994-2002 and n.d.
  • AIC – Alternative Information Center
  • Abie Nathan
  • The Abraham Fund
  • Bustan L’Shalom
  • Children for Children
  • Dialog & Reconciliation Center
  • Gesher Leshalom (Bridges for Peace)
  • Givat Haviva
  • Guttman Inst. Of Applied Social Research
  • HAMA - Humanist Science Education
  • International Center for Peace
  • Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI)
  • Is.-Pal. Peace Information Center
  • Kites for Peace
  • Kol Aher ba-Galil
  • Marcus Ziv Fund
  • M.E Youth Peace Forum
  • Middle Easy Magazine
  • Mutual Counseling
  • Neighbors Forum - Metzer-Myser
  • Nitzaney Shalom (Seeds of Peace)
  • Olive oil in the Age of Peace
  • Palestinian/Israeli Conflict Resolution Network (PICRN)
  • Parents’ circle- Families Forum
  • Reut/Sadaka
  • Ta’ayush
  • Teachers for Mutual Respect
  • Windows - Channels for Communication (Halonot).
Oslo and Geneva Accords. 1993, 2004 and n.d.; RSVP –Declaration for Conflict Resolution. 2002. 1993, 2002, 2004 and n.d. 1 folder
The Foundation for flourishing and security in the Middle East (related to scientology). 2002; Private “peace settlement” initiative in East Jerusalem. N.d.; “Unanimous” initiative. 2004. 2002, 2004 and n.d. 1 folder
Against a two state solution. N.d.; Elections. 1992-1999. 1992-1999 and n.d. 1 folder
Gush Shalom / Uri Avneri. 11 boxes
Committee for Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue (Headed by Latif Dori). 1998-1999. 1 folder
Hadash - Communists. 1993-2002. 3 folders
Israeli Labour Party. 1994-1995. folder
Meretz Party. 1993-2002. 1 folder
Moderate Religious Groups, including: Meimad, Oz Ve Shalom / Netivot Shalom, Tzav Piyus. N.d. 1 folder
Progressive List for Peace. 1984-1988. 1 folder
Radical Left Wing Groups and Activists. 1985 and n.d. 1 folder
Sheli Party. 1977. 1 folder
Joint Jewish-Arab organizations and actions: Against a two state solution - Yahad. 1994-2006 and n.d.
  • Against a two state solution.
  • Anarchists.
  • Balad.
  • Committee for Israeli-Palestinian dialogue, by Israelis of oriental origin.
  • Center Party.
  • Elections material.
  • Dai la-Kibush.
  • Dor Shalom.
  • Da’am.
  • Free Rats (Anarchists).
  • Hadash (including Maki, Banki, The Forum for Protecting Marxism.
  • Hahoma.
  • Israeli Communist Forum.
  • Kol Ezracheya.
  • Labor party.
  • Ma’avak- Socialist Struggle (CWI in Israel).
  • Meimad.
  • Meretz.
  • Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow-New Discourse (Hakeshet Hademokratit Hamizrahit).
  • Shahar.
  • Socialist Workers’ League.
  • Uri Avneri / Gush Shalom.
  • White Ballot Campaign.
  • Yahad.
Women’s peace organizations, protest- and solidarity actions: Bat Shalom - Women's Walk for Peace. 1998-2005.
  • Bat Shalom.
  • Fifth Mother.
  • Good Neighborliness - Husan Al Jawar.
  • Jerusalem Center for Women /Jerusalem Link.
  • Machsom Watch.
  • Mothers and Women for Peace.
  • Shin Shuvi.
  • Solidarity with Women Political Prisoners (WOFPP).
  • Women against Violence.
  • Women in Black.
  • Women Embracing Peace.
  • Women Refuse.
  • Women Solidarity.
  • Women’s Coalition for Peace.
  • Women Walk for Peace.
Women’s peace organizations, protest- and solidarity actions: Alssiwar - Theatre Company Jerusalem (Feminist Jewish Theatre). 2000-2004.
  • Alssiwar-Feminist Arab Movement Supporting Victims of Sexual Abuse (Haifa).
  • ASWAT – Palestinian Gay Women (Haifa).
  • Isha L’Isha – Haifa Feminist Center.
  • Israeli feminist Society.
  • Kol Ha Isha – Women’s Center.
  • Theatre Company Jerusalem (Feminist Jewish theatre).
Religious peace groups: Ba’Ham – Islamic Universal Voice of Peace - Settlers pro Peace. 1996-2004.
  • Ba’Ham – Islamic Universal Voice of Peace.
  • The Israel – Ishmael Religious Party.
  • Oz Ve Shalom - Netivot Shalom.
  • Rabbi Fruman.
  • Rabbis for Human Rights.
  • Settlers pro Peace.
Cultural, artistic and educational initiatives: Al-Muntada - Zochrot (Remembering the Nakba in Hebrew. 1995-2005.
  • Al-Muntada.
  • Alma College.
  • Arab-Hebrew Theatre Jaffa.
  • Artists for Co-existence.
  • Book Publishers (Hitorerut - Hitpress, Andalus, Resling).
  • Cultural work with children in Jaffa.
  • Documentary theater.
  • Hagada Hasmalit (the Left Bank).
  • Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • Political-Cultural events and films.
  • Political poetry.
  • Radio –all for Peace.
  • Salon Mazal.
  • Social-Eco College.
  • Zochrot (Remembering the Nakba in Hebrew.
Youth- and student organizations in Israel: Al Hahoma - Hashomer Hatsair - Reut-Sadaka. 1980-2005.
  • Al Hahoma - Hashomer Hatsair.
  • Baladna Youth.
  • Campus.
  • Green Line.
  • Hanoar Haoved.
  • Hitnagdut – Radical Youth.
  • Reut-Sadaka.
Palestinian Groups, actions, demonstrations in the Occupied Territories: Bethlehem Bible College - Tourism, Industry. 1995-2005.
  • Bethlehem Bible College.
  • Bethlehem University struggles to remain open.
  • Bir Zeit University Center for Palestine Research and Studies.
  • Central Union of Palestinian Women.
  • Hebron Municipality.
  • Jordanian Communist Party
  • LAW- The Palestinian Society for Protection of Human Rights and the Environment (also: LAWE).
  • Latin Patriarchat of Jerusalem.
  • Messages from Palestinian Individuals.
  • PACE – publisher.
  • Palestine Report.
  • Palestinian Invalids Refused Entrance.
  • Palm Sunday March.
  • PCPO – Palestinian Center for Public Opinion.
  • PENGON – Anti Wall.
  • Qattan Foundation.
  • Sa’ir Women’s Cooperative.
  • Tourism, Industry.
Human rights: Campaign against Deprival of Residency Rights to East Jerusalem Palestinians - Society of St. Yves. 1993-2005.
  • Campaign against Deprival of Residency Rights to East Jerusalem Palestinians.
  • Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Prisons.
  • PCATI and Other Anti Torture Initiatives.
  • Rebuilding Destroyed Palestinian Homes.
  • Adva Center – Information on Equality and Social Justice in Israel.
  • Amnesty International – Israel Section.
  • Association for the Advancement of Equal Opportunity.
  • Association for Civil Rights in Israel - ACRI
  • B’tselem.
  • Coalition Against Trade in Women.
  • ICAHD - The Israeli Committee against House Demolitions.
  • Kav La’Oved - Hotline for the Protection of Workers' Rights (Mainly Palestinian and Migrant Workers).
  • PHR- Physicians for Human Rights.
  • Planning Rights.
  • Red Cross.
  • Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI).
  • Society of St. Yves.
Anti-Racist Actions. 1998 and n.d. 1 folder
Histadrut – Trade Unions and Associations. 1994-1999. 2 folders
Secularist and Anti-Clerical Groups. 1999 and n.d. 2 folders
Social issues: Alssiwar-Feminist Arab Movement Supporting Victims of Sexual Abuse (Haifa) - Theatre company Jerusalem (Feminist Jewish Theatre). 1993-2005.
  • Alssiwar-Feminist Arab Movement Supporting Victims of Sexual Abuse (Haifa).
  • ASWAT – Palestinian Gay Women (Haifa).
  • Association of Community Centers.
  • Ben Tsion Yosepov.
  • Black Panthers.
  • Coalition against World Bank Policy.
  • Council of Slum Sages Different Education.
  • Forum of Anti Unemployment Organizations.
  • Free Religion.
  • Hela Huka le-Israel (Constitution for Israel).
  • Irgun Nifgaey Sh’hunot.
  • Isha L’Isha – Haifa Feminist Center.
  • Israeli Feminist Society.
  • A Just Society.
  • Kol Ha Isha – Women’s Center.
  • Lahatz.
  • Masa – Circle for an Independent Socialist Party.
  • Mediation.
  • Mifleget Hahityashvut –Anti Bank Party in 1996 elections.
  • New Israel Fund.
  • Ogen – Association Against Corruption.
  • Protesting Barenboim Playing Wagner.
  • Protests against Israel’s Business Conference.
  • Ra’ash – Men’s Rights.
  • Rabi Meshulam’s Protest of Yemenite Jews.
  • Revolution in Education.
  • Shatil.
  • Singur Kehilati (Communal Advocacy), Jerusalem 2002.
  • Theatre company Jerusalem (Feminist Jewish Theatre).
Environmental issues: Animal Rights; Green Action; One Struggle; Oxfam (Environment, Fare Trade). 1998-2005.
Anti-nuclear weapons: Actions against nuclear weapons including solidarity with Mordechai Vanunu and Campaign for Marcus Kleinberg. 1994-2005. 8 folders
IJPU- International Jewish Peace Union (Maxim Ghilan, Mit’an Publication). 1991-1995. 1 folder
Jewish and Jewish-Arab Peace Groups Abroad. 1994-1997. 1 folder
International groups; International groups reporting settlers’ violence; ISM - International Solidarity Movement (reports and protests related to ISM victims). 1993-2005.
Religious groups: Anti-Abortion actions; Religious groups; Religious Israel Lovers. 1994-2005 and n.d. 3 folders
Dor Shalom (Peace Generation); Mishmarot Shalom (Peace Guards); Other documents. 2001-2004. 3 folders
I&P – Israel & Palestine Strategic Update (by Maxim Gilan). 2003-2004; Windows – Hebrew-Arabic Youth Magazine. 1999, 2003. 1999, 2003-2004. 1 folder
"Official" Israel, zionism, patriotism, pro-militarism: Israeli songs - Progressive Official Actions. N.d.
  • Israeli songs.
  • KKL - Jewish National Fund.
  • Nationalist propaganda by public institutions.
  • Official pro-separation wall propaganda.
  • The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.
  • WZO –World Zionist Organization.
  • Progressive Official Actions.
Israeli National Movement; Likud Party; Settlers Willing to Evacuate. 1996-1999. 1 folder
Right wing, settlers: Al-Magor - Terror Victims Organization - Right wing. 1996-2005.
  • Al-Magor - Terror Victims Organization.
  • Anti Boycott.
  • Gaza settlers against disengagement.
  • Rabbi Dudkevich (“Hills Youth”).
  • Right wing.
IDF Policy in the Occupied Territories; Testimonies from the Occupied Territories. 1996-2001 and n.d. 1 folder
Letters from Palestinians to the editor of Israeli newspapers. 1 folder
Documents concerning Israeli Palestinians. 1988-2002. 4 folders
Documents concerning solidarity with other people. 1998-1999. 1 folder
Dialog between left and right wing; Middle way – nonviolence; Peace & Security Council; Settlers for Peace - Rabi Fruman. 2000-2005. 1 folder
Uri Davis. 1999; Tali Fahima. 2004; Teddy Kats. 2000; The Peled Family. 1997, 2002, 2004. 1997, 1999-2000, 2002, 2004. 1 folder
Correspondence- Peace Activists with Authorities and correspondence- Peace Activists with Palestinians. N.d. 1 folder
Mati Peled and Yohanan Katz. N.d. 1 folder
Individual activists (Including: Uri Davis, Tali Fahima, Teddy Kats, The Peled Family, Arna Mer, Latif Dori, Neta Golan) and Left Wing Thinkers/Writers. 1992-2002. 1 folder
Land confiscation for building the separation wall; Outposts; Other court materials. 1994-2005. 1 folder
Gila Flint – Land confiscation around Bethlehem. 2002; Neta Golan- Shabak interrogation. 2004. 2002, 2004. 1 folder
Correspondences, personal reports, notes and documents (Including reports on Jenin Invasion and local issues from Kellers’ place of residence (Holon, Bat Yam). 1994-2005. 7 boxes
Individual protests / opinions (including many letters by Atalya Boymel). 2001-2005. 2 boxes
Collection of names, organizations and addresses. N.d. 2 folders

NB. The nos. 672-673 are closed because of privacy reasons.

Documents in Arabic. N.d. 1 folder
Curiosities. 1997, 2004 and n.d. 1 folder
Correspondence of The Other Israel, Newsletter of the Israeli Struggle for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, its editor Adam Keller and his wife Beate Zilversmidt. 1990-1997, 2006-2010. 13 folders