Collection Israeli Peace Movement

Biographical / Historical Note

Encircled by hostile neighbour states there has been little room for an independent peace movement in Israel for years; after the war of 1967 however the number of peace activists increased gradually and the peace movement, with the Shalom Achshav (Peace Now) movement as one of its main constituents, grew stronger after the Lebanon war in 1982; one of these peace activists is Adam Keller (born in Tel-Aviv 1955), who has more than once been imprisoned because of his refusal of military service; Keller has been involved in various peace organizations and action committees from 1969 and he is editor of The Other Israel, newsletter of the Israeli Council for Israeli Palestinian Peace (ICIPP), from its foundation in 1983; he has also been involved in contacts, which were illegal at the time, with representatives of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO); he is author of the book Terrible Days. Social Divisions and Political Paradoxes in Israel 1987.


Collection donated to the IISH by Adam Keller in 1988, with many accruals the latest in 2018.


The documents were send by Adam Keller to the IISH periodically since the 1980s, the last set in 2007. There was no arrangement whatsoever in the packages, so all the documents had to be sorted out. The first part of this list was made by Adam Keller himself. His classification of movements, organizations and subjects was largely followed in the later supplements. The collection also contains correspondence by Adam Keller, Toma Sik(Shick), Beate Zilversmidt and other persons, as well as a large part of the archives of The Other Israel. These documents have not been separated from this collection, their present describtion is only preliminary. For the most part the documents are in Hebrew, but there are also many in English, Arabic and other languages. Dates in these lists are only given for the documents dated according to the Christian era. Periodicals were transferred to the library of the IISH; posters, stickers, photographs and buttons to the audiovisual department.


Correspondence to Adam Keller and Beate Zilversmidt; documents collected by Adam Keller consisting of leaflets, circular letters, open letters, press statements, pamphlets, copies of periodicals and other documents relating to Shalom Achshav, including Et Shalom (Time for Peace) 1978-1994, Gush Shalom (The Peace Block) 1993-1994, Yesh Gvul (There is a limit) 1987-1992, the ICIPP and The Other Israel 1983-1994 and the Jewish-Arab Committee against Deportation 1992-1993; documents relating to political parties, trade unions and other organizations or groups, including the Labour Party of Israel c. 1988-1994, the Communist Party of Israel (1981-) 1988-1994, Meretz 1992-1995, the Progressive List for Peace 1984-1992 and n.d., the General Federation of Labour in Israel `Histadrut' 1982-1995 and Kav La `Oved (Workers' Hotline for the Protection of Workers' Rights) c. 1990-1994; documents relating to peace demonstrations, solidarity actions, conscientious objectors, joint Jewish-Arab actions, Israeli-Palestinian contacts and other subjects.

Accrual 2011: international correspondence of 'The Other Israel' 1990-2010.

Accrual 2018 (digital material): Gush Shalom: 529 emails 2007-2009; Other Israel: 381 emails 2007-2010.

Processing Information

Lists made by Jaap Haag and Adam Keller in 1993 and 1995; supplement by Ed Kool, Jaap Haag and Adam Keller in 1999 and by Yael Seggev in 2009, supplement 2011 by Bouwe Hijma in 2012.