International Federation of Lithographers, Printers and similar Trades Archives


A. Congresses 1-5

B. Executive Committee 6-17

C. Circulars and reports 18-20

D. Translators 21-30

E. Bulletin 31-32

F. Contacts between the three graphical internationals 33-41

G. Contacts with other international organisations 42-54

H. Contacts with separate countries 55-198

I. Austria 55-61

II. Belgium 62-71

III. Brazil 72

IV. Czechoslovakia 73-76

V. Denmark 77-81

VI. Finland 82-83

VII. France 84-91

VIII. Germany 92-117

IX. Great Britain and Ireland 118-132

X. Hungary 133-135

XI. Israel 136

XII. Italy 137-139

XIII. Netherlands 140-160

XIV. Norway 161-162

XV. Portugal 163

XVI. Rumania 164-165

XVII. South Africa 166

XVIII. Spain 167-168

XIX. Sweden 169-174

XX. Switzerland 175-189

XXI. United States of America 190-197

XXII. Yugoslavia 198


The International Federation of Lithographers, Printers and Similar Trades was founded at a congress held in London in August 1896 after the International Socialist Congress. The first secretary was C. Harrap (Great Britain), who held office until the congress in København, 1907. No papers of this time have been preserved in the archives. The secretariat was then removed to Berlin, with Otto Sillier as secretary, and the publication of a Bulletin was started. From this period some papers are in the archives, the most important being the "Sitzungs-Protokolle" of the Executive committee from 1910 till 1919. After the first world war, 1920, the secretariat was laid in the hands of François Poels (Brussel) and after his sudden death (1926), turned over to his compatriot Henri Berckmans , who was relieved from his post in 1929. Very few papers of this Belgian period of the International have been saved for the files.

The last twenty years of its existence the International Federation had its secretariat in Amsterdam, later on in the adjacent Amstelveen, with J. Roelofs in office. His papers of the pre-war period have not been preserved in their entirety; the almost complete correspondence from the years 1945-1949 illustrates the reconstruction of trade union life after the second world war and the amalgamation of the three graphical internationals - Typographers, Bookbinders and Lithographers - into the International Graphical Federation , which was realised after long negotiations at a congress in Stockholm in 1949.

Besides the archives, the International Institute of Social History has in its library a complete set of the Bulletin, which appeared in English, German and French (nr. 15 contains notes, nr. 99 was not published in French), and an incomplete set of separate publications (congress reports etc.).

In February 1964 the archives were transferred to the Institute by the Algemene Nederlandse Grafische Bond at Amsterdam ( Mr. A.M. van den Boogaart ).

Amsterdam, 22 february 1965

Drs. J.R. van der Leeuw