Anatolij E. Djubua Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Full name: Anatolij Eduardovič Djubua; born in St. Petersburg 1881, died in New York 1958; Menshevik; took part in the revolution of 1905; thereafter militant in the legal labour movement; undersecretary of labour in 1917; exiled in 1922; lived in Berlin, Paris and from 1939 in New York; became a painter and sculptor; contributed to Menshevik periodicals until shortly before his death.


Manuscripts of his memoirs with regard to the First World War (1914-1917); notes comparing the French and the Russian revolutions; letters, catalogues, press clippings, etc., relating to exhibitions of Djubua's works; printed material, including some of his articles.

Processing Information

List made in 1985