Fraye Arbeyter Shtime Archives

Biographical / Historical Note

Fraye Arbeter (Arbeyter) Shtime (FAS) 1890-1977: leading and longest lasting anarchist newspaper in Yiddish in the USA, published in New York and Philadelphia, with contributions of internationally well-known libertarians. Solo Linder (died 1960) was at first active in the anarchist movement in London; went to the USA and became one of the collaborators of the Fraye Arbeter Shtime.


Papers donated to the IISH by Solo Linder in 1959, see Annual Report IISH 1959, p. 18, with an accrual in 1960.


Papers of various origins collected by Solo Linder, mainly letters received by persons connected with the FAS; files containing letters and manuscripts by Emma Goldman 1927-1940, Max Nettlau 1912, 1931-1935 and Voltairine de Cleyre 1911-1912 and n.d.; letters from Peter Kropotkin 1905-1914, mainly to FAS editor Saul Yanovsky; letters from Alexander Berkman to Yanovsky, J. Handshear and others 1922, 1927-1934; from Augustin Souchy 1921-1959 mainly to the FAS; some letters from Rudolf Rocker, Hippolyte Havel, Joseph Ishill and others; file of letters to FAS editor B. Axler from persons in Austria and Germany confirming the receipt of CARE (Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe) packages 1946-1949; some other documents and press clippings.