Senya Fléchine Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Senya (Simon) Fléchine (also: Fleshin): born in Achtyrka, Ukraine, Russia 1894, died in Mexico City 1981; anarchist, photographer; emigrated to the USA in 1910 and worked for Mother Earth New York; returned to Russia in 1917 and joined the Nabat Confederation of Anarchist Organizations in the Ukraine;

Mollie Steimer (pseudonym of Marthe Alperine): born in Dunaevtsy, Russia 1897, died in Cuernavaca, Mexico 1980; anarchist; emigrated to the USA in 1913; member of the group around Der Shturm (The Storm) New York and Frayhayt (Freedom) New York in 1917; arrested for propaganda against intervention by the USA in Russia in 1918, deported to Russia in 1921;

Fléchine and Steimer met and became companions in Russia; after several arrests allowed to leave Russia in 1923; members of the Joint Committee for the Defense of Revolutionaries Imprisoned in Russia, Berlin 1923-1926, the Relief Fund of the International Working Men's Association (IWMA) for Anarchists and Anarcho-Syndicalists Imprisoned or Exiled in Russia (in Paris and Berlin) 1926-1932 and other relief groups for anarchists; emigrated to Mexico in 1941; their house became a meeting centre for political refugees; corresponded with anarchists around the world.


Extensive correspondence with a great number of anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists in Europe, the USA and Latin America, including Russian and Jewish emigrants: Alexander Berkman 1924-1936, Marie Louise and Giovanna Berneri c. 1938-1957, Jacques Doubinsky 1929-1932, Emma Goldman 1924-1939, Mark E. Mracnyj (Klavansky) c. 1924-1926, Samuel Lipman c. 1924-1928, Grigorij Maksimov 1925-1926, Rose Pesotta c. 1938-1952, Vernon Richards 1937-1955, Millie and Rudolf Rocker 1927-1955, Augustin Souchy 1935-1962, Volin (Vsevolod M. Eichenbaum) 1924-1927, 1944-1945, Boris Yelensky 1942-1943, 1955-1959 and others; file of letters, copies of letters and some other documents received by Mark Mracnyj (Klavansky), Senya Fléchine and Mollie Steimer from anarchists imprisoned or exiled in the USSR 1923-1926; lists of arrested anarchists and their fate after 1918, c. 1924; administration of the Relief Fund of the IWMA 1927-1935; file relating to the Comité d'Emigrés (Solidarité) for relief for Spanish refugees in France 1937-1939; file relating to Simón Radowitzky, including identification papers and certificats of competence 1937-1939, 1946 and drafts of articles and press clippings on his death; typescript of `An Anarchist Life. Mollie Steimer (1897-1980)' by Paul Avrich.

Processing Information

Inventory made by Hermien van Veen in 2002