Association pour la Conservation des Valeurs Culturelles Russes Archives

Biographical / Historical Note

The Association, in Russian called Obščestvo Ochranenija Russkich Kul'turnych Cennostej, established in Paris in 1946, collected papers, publications, paintings etc., reflecting the activities of Russians, mainly scholars and artists, who had emigrated to Europe, notably France, and to the United States; its president was D.P. Rjabušinskij (1882-1962).

Biographical note on Petr E. Kovalevskij (Peter Kovalevsky): born in Saint-Petersburg 16 December 1901, died in Paris 27 April 1978; born in a well-to-do and cosmopolitan Russian family; arrived in France in February 1920; founded together with other Russian emigrants, among others his brothers Eugraph and Maxime, the Brotherhood of St. Photius in Paris 1924; worked all his life for the Russian Orthodox Church in France and Saint-Denys, the institute for orthodox theology in Paris. Pierre Kovalevsky published his Histoire de Russie et de l'U.R.S.S. in Paris in 1970. See for a biographical sketch of Kovalevsky the website of the Orthodox Church in France.

Custodial History

The Association pour la Conservation des Valeurs Culturelles Russes (Obščestvo Ochranenija Russkich Kul'turnych Cennostej) was established in Paris in 1946. Its president was D.P. Rjabušinskij . The Association set itself the task to collect and preserve archives of the Russian emigration, both of private persons and of various organizations. The Association intended to transfer its archives to the Archives Nationales de France and to the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam.


The archive of the Association, preserved at the IISH, consists of a collection of letters, documents, manuscripts, recollections, printed material, photographs. The greater part consists of personal papers, filed either according to the different types of documents, or the arrangement of the owner, if there was any, has been preserved.

The archive measures 8.5 running metres. A list of the archive in Russian is available.


Collection consisting of papers of: Aleksej N. Ancyferov 1916-1943; Ju. Delevskij (pseudonym of Jakov L. Judelevskij) 1930-1955; Marija G. and Valentin A. Frančič 1874-1953; Vasilij V. Kovalev; Maksim M. Kovalevskij 1864-1910; Evgraf P. Kovalevskij 1897-1940; Petr E. Kovalevskij: diaries 1918-1956, and letters from mainly Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic clergymen; Aleksandr P. Kutepov; Isaak A. Pastak; Fedor F. Postel's (Theodore De Postels); D.P. Rjabušinskij; Valentin N. Speranskij 1924-1958; P. Tutorov, and others; memoirs of Marija N. Bašmakova, Boris M. Brofel'dt, Andrej M. Eristov, Vladimir F. Luginin, and others; documents of Nikolaj V. Globa on the Stroganovskoe Učilišče; documents of organizations, including the Sojuz revnitelej pamjati Imperatora Nikolaja II, and the Damskoe obščestvo vzaimopomošči v pamjat' Imperatricy Marii Fedorovny; programs of Russian opera and ballet performances in Paris.

NB. Another part of the collection at the Archives Nationales in Paris.

Accrual 2013: typescript of the daily notes ('Notes Journalières') of Petr E. Kovalevskij (Peter Kovalevsky) 1957-1959 and a biobibliography on the occasion of his 70th birthday 1972.

Processing Information

List made by N. Kopaneva in 1993, accrual 2013 by Bouwe Hijma in 2016.

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1 security microfilm.