Lettre ouverte à Boris Souvarine

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Author: Lenin, Vladimir Il'ič
Collector: Schärf, Jacques
Other Author(s): Souvarine, Boris
Language: French
Physical Description: 32 p.
Published: Paris : Spartacus, 1970.
Series: Spartacus : cahiers mensuels : série A ; no. 38.
Note: Vladimir Il'ič Lenin is pseud. of Vladimir Il'ič Ul'janov.
IISH Classification: Bro F 467 (France; party system; political parties, movements; socialist parties, movements; Parti Socialiste SFIO 1905; foreign relations, war)
R 381 (Russia; before 1917; social history; political parties; social democracy; army, defence, war)

Call number

IISG Bro 1489/14