Hugo Sinzheimer. Gedächtnisveranstaltung zum 100. Geburtstag. Mit Beitrn von Spiros Simitis, Eugen Loderer u.a.

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Other Author(s): Simitis, Spiros
Loderer, Eugen
Language: Undetermined
Physical Description: 59 p.
Published: Frankfurt a.M. : Otto Brenner Stiftung, 1977.
Series: Schriftenreihe / Otto Brenner Stiftung ; 7.
IISH Classification: D 752 (Germany; political history and theory; 20th century; western zones, Federal Republic of Germany - BRD, reunited Germany after 3 October 1990; trade unions, DGB and affiliated unions, DAG)
D 1360 (Germany; social history; 19th, 20th century; social policy, social law, social security; labour law, regulations)

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IISG Bro 382/24