Michael Bakunin. Eine Biographie. (The life of Michael Bakounine). Privately printed. (Reproduced by the autocopyist) by the author.

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Author: Nettlau, Max
Language: English
Physical Description: 3 vols.
Published: London, 1896-1900.
Note: Bd. I-II, 1, 1814 bis Sept. 1868.
Bd. II, 2 - III, 1, Sept. 1868 bis zum Aug. 1871.
Bd. III, 2., Sept. 1871 bis 1. Juli 1876.
IISH Classification: An 25 (Anarchism; writers of international importance; Michail A. Bakunin (subject))

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IISG An 25/1-1 A-B o.k.