Contains serial editions of various OECD departments.

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Other Organization(s): Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
International Energy Agency
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Special Committee for Machinery
Organisation for European Economic Co-operation
Organisation for European Economic Co-operation. European Productivity Agency
Collector: Economische Voorlichtingsdienst (Den Haag)
Language: English
Physical Description: 8 m.
Published: Paris : OECD.
Note: Contains serial editions of various OECD departments.
ACOE=Activities of OECD, AGPO=Agricultural policies, markets and trades, COIR=Coal information (1985-1990), EBOC=Energy balances of OECD countries, ECON=OECD economic surveys (alfabetical order by country), ECOO=OECD economic outlook (no.1-48), ENIE=Engineering Industries in North-America-Europe-Japan, EPPR=Energy policies and programmes of IEA countries, EUPU=European payment union, FFRE=Flow of financial resources to less-developed countries, FISH=Review of fisheries in OECD member countries, IDSM=L'industrie sidérurgique = Iron and steel industry, INEL=L'industrie de l'électricité, IPDO=Industrial policies, developments and outlook in OECD countries, MICA=Report on the agricultural policies in Europe and North America, NFME=L'industrie des métaux non ferreux = the non ferrous-metals industry, OAPR=Review of Agricultural policies in OECD member countries = Agricultural policy reports, OECM=Capital markets studies, OEDC=OECD Development Centre studies (chronological order, 1969-1990), OEEA=International Energy Agency, OEEC=Organisation for European economic-co-operation (chronological order, 1955-1963), OEEF=Documentation in agriculture and food (chronological order, 1959-1967), OEEG=miscellaneous (chronological order, 1957-1978), OEOW=Employment of older workers, OEPD=Problems of development, OERM=Review of manpower and social policies, OERS=Review of national sciences policy, OESD=Studies in development, OESG=Employment of special groups, OMSS=OECD monetary studies series, PTOL=Trends in economic sectors, RCRE=Oil refinery expansion, RINT=European recovery programme.
Finding aid : plaatsingslijst op studiezaal.

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NEHA 1998/451-532 fol