International Congres of Historical Sciences CISH AHA ; XIV : San Francisco, August 22-29, 1975 ; collection of papers

  Books and Brochures
Angermann, Erich, Early German constitutionalism and the American model.
Bagramov, E.A., S.S. Salychev, Democratic aims and purposes in the activities of communist parties.
Bailyn, Bernard, Lines of force in recent writings on the American revolution.
Bartel, Horst, Annelies Laschitza, Walter Schmidt, Der Formierungsprozess der Arbeiterklasse in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts und zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts. (Reform und revolution im Ringen um die politisch-ideologische Konstituierung der Arbeiterklasse).
Berindei, Dan, Frederick Kellogg, The openings of diplomatic relations between the United States of America and the states of Europe.
Bianco, Lucien, La révolution chinoise.
Brezzi, Paolo, Ernesto Sestan, L'Historiographie comme science historique.
Buccellati, Giorgio, The urban revolution in a socio-political perspective.
Carbonnier, J., A. Garcia-Gallo, J. Gaudemet, A. Mazzacane, W.E. Nelson, La pénétration des droits étrangers dans les droits nationaux et locaux depuis le XVIe siècle.
Cherepnin, L.V., V.T. Pashuto, The formation of the Russian centralised state viewed from a comparative-historical aspect (XVI-XVII centuries).
Chubaryan, A.O., Peaceful co-existence and the origin of the notion.
Czubinski, Antoni, Revolution oder Reform in Mitteleuropa im XX. Jahrhundert.
Danilov, A.I., V.V. Ivanov, M.P. Kim, Yu.S. Kukushin, A.M. Sakharov, N.V. Sivachev, History and society.
Davis, Lance E., Robert A. Huttenback, Social choice and public welfare: British and colonial expenditure patterns in the late nineteenth century.
Dupeux, Georges, Les migrations. Commission internationale pour l'étude des mouvements sociaux et des structures sociales.
Durand, Yves, Les compétences de l'état à l'époque moderne.
Elster, Jon, Optimism and pessimism in the discussion of the standard of living during the industrial revolution in Britain.
Engelberg, Ernst, Ereignis, Struktur und Entwicklung in der Geschichte.
Erenyi, Tibor, Sozialistische Revolution und bürgerlich-demokratische Reform in der Arbeiterbewegung der zerfallenden Oesterreich-Ungarischen Monarchie.
Fanning, Ronan, Leadership and transition from the politics of revolution to the politics of party: the example of Ireland 1914-1939.
Georgesco, Valentin Al., Le processus de modernisation pendant les XVIIIe et XIXe siècles dans les sociétés de l'Europe de l'Est.
Gisey, R., National stability and hereditary transmission of political and economic power.
Golubtsova, E.S., V.I. Kusishin, E.M. Shtaerman, Types of community in the ancient world.
Gruner, Erich, The labor movement in Switzerland confronted by the question: reform or revolution.
Hobsbawm, E.J., Revolution. Jansen, Chr.R., Erik Korr Johansen, The study of unemployment. Remarks based on unemployment research in 19th century Denmark.
Jemnitz, Janos, Revolution and reform in the West European parties of the Second International.
Kimbara, Samon, Tradtions and innovations in Asia and Africa.
Kloczowski, Jerzy, Structures sociales, politiques et culturelles de l'Europe du XIIIe siècle: pour une histoire comparée.
Kocka, Jürgen, The problem of democracy and the lower middle classes in the first third of the 20th century: some results and perspectives of research.
Kolendo, Jerzy, Tadeusz Kotula, Centres et périphéries de la civilisation antique en Afrique du Nord, phénomène urbain.
Lorwin, Val R., The red and the black: socialist and christian labor organization in Western Europe.
Lundgren, Lars, Brigitta Odén, Sverker Oredsson, Methods in the study of man in his environment.
Mommsen, Wolfgang J., Europäischer Finanzimperialismus vor 1914.
Morsey, Rudolf, Friedrich P. Kahlenberg, Edition zeitgeschichtlicher Quellen.
Morton, W.L., The historical phenomenon of minorities: the Canadian experience.
Mousnier, Roland, Les droits de l'homme.
Natsagdorj, Sh., Main characters of feudalism of the nomads.
Obermann, Karl, Beziehungen zwischen den Europäischen Fortschrittskräften und den USA im 19. Jahrhundert.
Pecirka, Jan, The crisis of the Athenian polis in the fourth century B.C.
Perenyi, Joszef, The Ottoman expansion and the rise of the East-European centralized states.
Pietrzak-Pawlowska, Irena, The first industrial revolution and problems of asynchronism in social development.
Ruffieux, Roland, Les problèmes du leadership dans les partis politiques de l'Europe Occidentale au Xxème siècle.
Spuller, Bertold, Der mongolische Nomadismus in einer sesshaften Gesellschaft: Die Goldene Horde.
Sutty, Miroslav, Jaroslav Vavra, Russian America and Russo-American relations in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Szekely, György, Towns and languages in East Central Europe.
Topolski, Jerzy, Historian in his quest for documentation.
Trinkaus, Charles, Humanism, religion, society: concepts and motivations of some recent studies.
Venturi, Franco, Enlightenment and reforms in eighteenth century Italy and Spain.
Vierhaus, Rudolph, Land, Staat und Reich in der politischen Vorstellungswelt deutscher Landstande im 18. Jahrhundert.
Vittinghoff, F., Urbanisation als Phänomen der Antike.
Watt, D.C., The breakdown of the European security system 1930-1939.
Weiler, A.G., Value reference and value judgments in historiography.
Wolff, Philippe, Structures sociales et morphologies urbaines dans le developpement historique des villes (XIIe - XVIIIe siècles).